As the on pitch activity starts to enter the business end of the season and promotion and relegation battles start to become “six-pointers”,  behind the scenes the club is already starting to plan ahead for next season’s activities.

The club is run by a group of volunteers who meet as a committee every month in order to make sure everyone can have an enjoyable game of hockey at the weekend and catch up with team mates and friends over a few beers hopefully.  However, several people are carrying out multiple roles on the committee and we are keen to see more club members become more involved next season in the running of the club to share the burden but to also make sure we have succession planning for the future.

We are already aware of some vacancies next season on both the committee and in other vital roles that make the club successful.  Sadly, it looks like we are losing 2 of our level 2 coaches due to relocation for work and studies and this will leave a big gap to fill in the ladies section where both Sam and Ash have made a great contribution to the success and growth of the ladies section over the last few years.  Any new coach will have the benefit of picking up a competitive and talented group of players along with a healthy pipeline of talent coming through from the junior section which is the envy of many clubs in the area.  If you know of any qualified coaches who may be interested in joining Adel then please let me, Paul or Anna know the details as we don’t want to wait until September to fill the vacancies.

We will also need a new Treasurer next season and whilst it does not require the holder to be a qualified accountant, I am aware that a number of our members work in the financial industry and should (hopefully) have the necessary skills to carry out the role.  Jacs (the current Treasurer) or me would be more than happy to speak to anyone interested to give more details on what is needed.  On the plus side you won’t have to worry about all the comings and goings for the new pitch to be paid for….

If you think about what goes on behind the scenes to allow you to play your game on a Saturday, where can you help out next season to offer more support to your club?

  • Who has contacted you to ask you to play?
  • Who ran your training session this week?
  • Who umpired your match and arranged for the umpires to be there?
  • Who collected the match fees and sorted out the teas?
  • Who made sure you had a changing room before and after the game?
  • Who made sure the opposition knew when and where to play against you?
  • Who made sure the league was informed of the result and also updated a match report to the website or facebook page?
  • Who makes sure the facebook page and website is kept up to date?
  • Who made sure the pitch was prepared for the match and that there was someone to serve you a refreshing drink in the bar afterwards?
  • Who linked in with YHA, YHUA, EH, West Yorkshire Sport and various other external bodies to make sure Adel is meeting all their requirements?
  • Who makes sure we comply with the requirements of Club Mark for EH to give us approval?
  • Who makes sure that you can celebrate with your team mates at club events?

None of this happens without the effort of club members but the group of people overseeing all of these functions (and many more) is getting smaller and smaller.   We now have 10 senior teams and we enter teams into several EH cup tournaments.  All of this is increasing the time needed to organise and run the club so if you think you are able to offer something in one way or another then please let me know, ask about any of the positions in more detail and become more involved in helping keep the club on a continued upward curve towards greater success.


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