After the excitement and thrills from the 9 home games at Adel last weekend, this weekend was always going to be mundane in comparison with only 4 home games to please the Adel faithful and most of the excitement and nail biting games taking place around the county (or country in some cases with a few teams not quite being within the Yorkshire borders).   Its also getting to the stage of the season where we start to look for other teams results to see if a top of the table gap has widened, if those games in hands some other teams have make any difference and if some sides have rearranged a vital league game yet for some time in June.

The mens 5s report is up already – an entertaining 3-3 game v Bankers 7ths who arrived with a team aged between 20 and 40, no juniors and several students from the University who looked like they had stayed in on the Friday evening rather than hitting the hotspots of Broomhill and doing an all-nighter.  The left winger appeared to use his stick like Harry Potter’s wand making him a tricky customer for the defence to work out where he was going – I’m not sure he knew himself but on one occasion he did more turns than your average snowboarder at the Winter Olympics and then drag flicked past Mikey into the top corner for a goal of the season contender.  The 5s were probably the better for the tough workout v Worksop the previous week and stronger, more resilient and less intimidated.  Hedgy got a hat trick in the 3-3 draw (2 goals and a green card) and Tom Alldred did well to deflect the Presidents cross shot into the roof of the net to avoid us having to listen to tales of Richard Poll’s “goal” for weeks to come.  The team summed up everything about Adel – two father and son combos, Polls and Holdens, a 13 year old debutant who  settled in well and got man of the match in George C and a 70 something in Dave Madge who used all his wily experience to snuff out some late Bankers threats.  An added bonus was a pair of brothers on the pitch with the Akroyds – one playing in an uncustomary role at centre forward and the other blowing the whistle.  For once the average age of the side was probably just below 50 due to the international call up for Ian “Sniffer” Phillips.  Appeals by Adel for the game to be postponed due to having to play a weakened side were turned away by the league so Sniffer went and did what he does best and scored a 2 yard special for Wales over 60s against England over 60s in a 2-1 win for the Celts.  Try and avoid him in the Adel bar in the coming weeks as you may have to hear this a few times.  Well done Ian.

The next 3 home games saw the mens 1s, 2s, and 3s play tennis and come away with a 6-1, 6-4 6-1 straight three sets win over Huddersdale (a hybrid of the Dragons from Kirklees and two teams (well not quite 2 separate teams) from Airedale.  The mens 1s were comfortable in their 6-1 win over a decent Huddersfield outfit who have played higher up the leagues and gave the Adel defence a couple of early scares before business as usual took hold and Adel cruised to a 5-0 half time lead without really firing on all cylinders.  The second half saw Adel perhaps have a bit of a wake up call as Huddersfield regrouped, slowed the game down and generally kept Adel at bay with the footballers on the pitch behind the goal sometimes in more danger than the hockey goal itself.  But a 6-1 win was made all the sweeter when the 1-1 draw from the York v Bradford game finally came through giving Bens men an 8 point gap at the top of the table although Bradford do still have that game in hand after the end of the season is supposed to take place.  Lets hope it becomes irrelevant…

The table topping 2s followed on and had an early wake up call as Airedale took an early lead inside the first couple of minutes.  Fortunately, the 2s thanked the oppo for the wake up call and got back in front with goals from the usual suspects plus coach Henley cooly slotting a flick but conceding 4 goals will give the team some things to work on at training ahead of their season defining game away v Hallam 4s (not 3s) on Saturday at 4.30pm.  Great timing for a clash with the Calcutta Cup game – thanks Hallam.

The 3s then put away Airedale 2s with a more comfortable 6-1 win and another Horsey hat trick, goals for skipper Beale and Powley but the most cheered goal will have been his first in a 3s shirt by young Joe Grear who also picked up the man of the match award.  The 3s know they are playing for 2nd place in the table with Bradford and Boston Spa 2s also fighting it out and they had hopes that Sunday’s tricky away game at runaway leaders Scarborough could keep their momentum going.  But Scarborough are one of only 2 teams in the Yorkshire leagues to have a 100% record this season (I forget who the other team is…) and despite Beale and Powley repeating their goalscorings act for the 2nd day of the weekend, Scarborough closed out the game to win 4-2, maintain their 100% record and wrap up the title before the end of February.  Pretty impressive stuff so well done to the Seasiders who should do well in their higher league next season (assuming they actually get to go up a division….).

Away from home the 4s travelled over the border to Worksop who were their nearest challengers for top spot.  Sadly, Worksop at home might be a different team to Worksop away and another Adel team went down 4-2 despite goals from young Charlie Sutton who seems to get a goal every week and Allan Carvalho.  Adel and Worksop now have identical records at the top of the table with the Notts based team having a marginally better goal difference. Could those 2 narrow wins over the 5s come back to haunt the 4s if goal difference decides promotion at the end of the season?

A quieter day for the ladies with the 1s travelling up the A64 to York but sadly coming back with nothing for their efforts as they went down 3-0 and now need to regroup ahead of this weekends big home game against Didsbury Greys who are level at the bottom on points. Nothing other than a win for Adel will do.  The 3s had the best weekend in the club winning both games against York on Sunday and Bankers on Saturday to climb up to 4th spot in the table but promotion looks to be beyond them with games running out.  The 4s also had a nice day at the seaside against another table topping Scarborough side (there must be something in that sea air this year) and despite a valiant effort with an early goal for Nook Barnes, the 4s went down 3-1 and retired for a post match debrief in the chippy in an attempt to put the world to rights.

The ladies 5s and ladies 2s had a weekend off – in the 2s case the rest may be key as they face 3 vital away games in the next week with travels to Selby (Tuesday night), Bridlington (Saturday) and then Slazengers (Sunday) and with Ben Rhyddings win at the weekend keeping up the pressure, the 2s will need to be at the top of their game (well three-game actually) to keep top spot in the Premier League.

So, some huge games this coming weekend especially for the mens and ladies 2s.  Never mind the Winter Olympics, the 6 Nations Rugby and the Super League, the real action and excitement is cheering on Team Orange so get along and lend your support and voices on the sidelines!

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Richard Partner

Richard Partner · 19th February 2018 at 8:28 am

Technically hallum 3’s are not in our 2’s league but they play before our game v their 4’s so let’s assume 3’s?

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