By Gaby Nusenbaum

The Ladies 3s travelled probably the furthest they will all season – to the breezy coast.. of Hull.

Having nicely defeated Canalside Terriers the week before 5-0 (we’ll leave out that they only had eight players)… confidence was up for the clash between both teams that were third and fourth in the table.

Considering we had many players missing, Adel managed to get a squad of 15 out to play.  Game started quickly, with Hull well drilled on passing, and developing play.  Adel struggled to get to grips with Hull’s attack, and for much of the first half spent the majority of it defending.  Half time came, and score 2-0.  Much of the midfield stayed back to help the defence – who had a very busy thirty five minutes.

After Katy B’s team talk at half time, Adel decided to get their heads screwed on, and came out the second half much stronger.  For the first fifteen minutes of the second half  – Adel dominated and unfortunately could not manage to convert any of their chances.  As the game went on, all the squad did well to listen to each other, and communicate – as well as covering and helping each other.  As the game came into the last ten minutes, Adel did keep trying to make play and drive the ball to the wings.  Unfortunately, Hull were quicker…  Matters started to come to a head when Rosh unfortunately got a card of the green variety…. finished off with another goal by Hull, and the girls on their knees attempting to look for my teeth on the hockey pitch in Hull…

Final score 3-0 (to Hull….)

Credit to Hull for a good game, and giving us some real competition, but we’ll be ready for when they arrive to play us in the New Year… A big thank you to all the fours players who stepped up to help us out.  You all played brilliantly, and kept working – as did everyone who travelled.  Thanks to the juniors as well who certainly got given a run around, and kept plugging away.  There is certainly a lot to learn, and all the girls really worked their socks off.  Special mention to the defence who really worked tirelessly!

Big thanks to Katy B who dragged me off the pitch after having being hit in the mouth with a hockey ball – (as well as sticking her hands in my bleeding mouth to check my teeth were all still in… Even though she did comment that my bottom teeth didn’t look great…!) Cheers.

Thanks to All the girls who saw I was ok, as well as making all sure my belongings made it home!  It’s amazing what an emergency NHS dentist can do… 

Adel welcome Otliensians this Saturday, in what needs to be a must win game – and Ladies 3s will be ready for them!

FYI – moral of all this – not the game (well, kind of – we don’t like losing)…but gum shields… If you’re bothered about your teeth – WEAR A GUM SHIELD…. basically a ball in the mouth hurts…and the sound of having your teeth pulled back into place IS NOT PLEASANT…I was lucky I wasn’t collecting them from the pitch! Had I had a gum shield in, (which i’m a moron for not having one in – and worse still, I was due to collect my fitted one on Monday….) if i’d been hit in the mouth, i’d have probably bruised myself and split my lip at the most…. Now I have a splint over my teeth for four weeks, and on a soft food diet for a week… (don’t worry Gabs, alcohol counts as a soft food so you can still drink at the Christmas social)

If you don’t care about your teeth – play hockey without a gum shield and countdown to having them smashed out of your mouth!

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