A sunny Huddersfield Sunday greeted the Adel team for this rearranged fixture. After negotiating the peat bog that is Huddersfield’s car park, the action got underway in the picturesque surroundings of Lockwood park. A re-jigged formation, courtesy of tactical mastermind Tom I, led to Adel dominating early possession. Huddersfield’s half-court press gave Carl plenty of time on the ball, enabling him to spray the ball about with incision and Si able to perform as Adel’s answer to Pirlo. The three stacked forwards Dan, James P and the returning Matt D interlinked well, exploiting and creating gaps in the Huddersfield defence. One of these attacks led to Adel’s opener, Dan winning a free hit on the edge of the home D, which after some passing moves, was chipped over the keeper with a delicate reverse hit by Sam. Adel’s defence limited Huddersfield to one or two chances in the first half, Tom in the net keeping them out with relative ease until a rebound from the out-manned defence broke to a man in purple, who sent the ball crashing home.

HT 1-1

In the second half the defence made some adjustments to cope with the pace of Hudderfield’s winger, who had been tricky all game. Nick, who afterwards said he hated playing the sweeper role, didn’t show it all game, mopping up all the home team could do, even coping with the surprisingly sprightly old bloke that playing centre forward for the Dragons. Scott also distinguished himself (as usual) in this close game, although Ewan will be sad to miss his dad’s longest run of the year, including a lovely shoulder serve to beat 2 players at once. The real revelation of the second half was Tom G though, who seemed to have woken up from his hangover, despite getting in from his Nottingham based nudity at 5:30am, managed to make a charging run down the wing and launched a stunning, unstoppable cross at about ankle height. The cross was surpassed by the Sam who at full pace deflected the cross with one touch past the keeper’s near post, who had stepped out to deal with the cross. Sam never even broke his stride as he ran off to celebrate his goal and Adel’s winner.

FT Dragons 1 – Adel 2!

MOM – Despite scoring both Adel’s goals, Sam probably played himself out of the award when he tripped over and kicked our only short corner of the game. The winner of the vote was Carl who had sprayed out the passes like a showboating Steven Gerrard.

DOD – Pellow earned a nomination for this by wasting one of the handsome captain’s ice packs on a scraped knee. Tom G also made a big shout for this one, by turning up eating rice crispies by hand straight from the bag, but keeping the awards in the Agar-Brennan family was Dan, who was making sure he didn’t get injured before his holiday, by avoiding playing too much hockey.