This is an invite for anyone to join the Leeds Adel Men’s fantasy hockey league. Sam has built the system to include every mens member of every squad, where points will be awarded to each player based on their performance, goals, clean sheets, cards etc – just like fantasy football.

It’s £5 to enter (payable on the site as you register your team) with monies raised going toward the Christmas/ End of Season dinner(s). Captain’s have all put fines of their sheets to those that don’t sign up!

It’s a great opportunity for a bit of friendly competition and banter – especially between the squads!

Rules are simple. Choose 11 players from any of the 5 squads, with a maximum of 3 taken from each. The formation is 442. You have a maximum of 24 transfers per season.

Joining a league couldn’t be easier, simply follow the link below. If you have not already registered then you will be requested to provide a few simple details to create your account and then you will be taken straight onto selecting your fantasy team.

To join the league click here

You’ll need the league password 002506LeedsA94b336 to join the league.

To start with each player is ranked as 3 stars, but after gameweek 6 the computer will automatically generate a players rating depending on performance. Who will be the Men’s MVP by the end of the season?

Not only will your fantasy teams be put against each other but the game automatically ranks all players by score in all of the positions. 5s players have the potential to earn just as many points as the 1s.

If you have any questions send me an email:

I look forward to seeing you all playing soon!

Sam (Men’s 2’s Vice-Captain)

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