Match Report by Damian Greig.

The motley crew before push back.

The motley crew before push back.

East coast anyone???? Apparently not was the answer from too many of the Phwoars as a late start at Driffield approached. Driffield have been doing well in the league and upon arrival it wasn’t difficult to see why, a well organised warm up with a mixture of young athletic players alongside a rear guard of older wiser heads, topped off with 2 home umpires…… Inspirational words from skipper Ellis soon had the regular faces from the Phwoars and the guys stepping up well across from the fives working well together. The returning Andy Austin made a huge impact with his constant running up front supported by Brayshaw, the goals had to come and come they did, very quickly in fact. Greig to Austin inside 10mins made it one nil, closely followed by Greig to Brayshaw after another 5, Driffield weren’t out of it though and were quick on the counter attack although a good few chances weren’t to be consolidated with solid performances from all at the back. With the Adel subs now rolling an error in communication over positioning enabled Driffield to pull one back, 1-2. From the push back Driffield were caught hugely off guard as Adel straight away went on the offensive young Patrick on loan from the 5’s making a great run down the wing only to be bullied off the ball resulting in a short corner. With several of the key players out of the short routine missing Adel improvised and played the ball to Greig who in turn drilled the ball into the bottom corner, 1-3. Only minutes later and still fired up from


The 4s were kept running in midfield.

scoring Greig was judged to have leaned on a player whilst trying to win the ball back, green card and 2 minutes rest. Although you wouldn’t have realised on the pitch as the solidarity through this team shone through. Greig came back onto the pitch with just a few minutes of the half to play out and then it was half time. So the second half was very much the same as the first just with less of an outcome, several short corners won but chances not hugely converted. The Driffield rotation was working well and constant battling for the ball but offered nothing in this half that sholto wasn’t able to either cope with or organise his back four into sorting out. The old guard at the back for Driffield had taken to different tactics. It was far from u


Officially ‘Great Driffield’, the East Riding town name derives from Anglo-Saxon times, meaning ‘Dirty (Manured) Field.’ King Aldfirth of Northumbria is said to have been buried there.

s to say that the umpires were inconsistent one way or another, but it would seem that the lumberjack party were playing the second half. Not to be deterred the Adel super Phwoars battled on. A great ball through to Greig saw him beat a couple and win a short. A change in routine had the Driffield players confused and Greig calmly went onto his reverse and powered home his second of the game,1-4. The next goal was inspirational as the ambitious Hockin found himself in the opposition D, Greig saw him in space fired the ball in and he skilfully diverted the ball into the back of the net, 1-5. And that’s how the game finished. So the spectacular Phwoars roll on, undefeated with a 100% record into next weeks game at home against Harrogate. With two goals and three assists the voting for man of the match was a given, as was the DOTD with a green card, but what’s this??? An evil twist of the little people……. damn those little people, man of the match Taylor, DOTD Greig. With results like this, they’ll have to build an Obelisk with the mighty Phwoars calved into it.

Photography by Tracey Quartermain and Olivia Potter. Captions provided by the captain.

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