We are happy to support this excellent campaign, details below, if you can spare a few moments to sign the petition it would be appreciated.

Over the last 20 years, I have always enjoyed playing against Leeds Adel.
I was hoping you don’t mind if I ask for your clubs support in a cause that is close to my heart.

In 2018 I raised funds for a public access defibrillator in my local park in memory of my Dad’s passing 20 years earlier; he passed away through heart failure whilst we played hockey together. Over the past few weeks I have been wondering what I can do next in memory of my Dad and to use my experience for good. I have decided that 1 defibrillator is not enough, I want to make the access of defibrillators much easier for everyone.

Why now?
To be honest what has re-inspired me was the collapse of the Christen Eriksen at Euro 2020, this brought back a lot of memories for me. The initial coverage I thought really captured the pain and horror of this incident but subsequently the tone of the message should have turned into something more celebratory. Wonderfully he survived and can live his life with his family and friends. This was only possible because he was in his work place which he is fortunately for him comes with an on site medic and all the medical equipment you need.

I know we can’t all have access to on site doctors but we all can have access to live saving medical equipment, and this is why I have started a government petition to update legislation so that all employers with a at least 10 FTE and all new property developments must have a defibrillator installed. If we take a step back this means spending c. £1,000 for a defibrillator, if you employ 10 people full time that is an annual expense of c. £200,000, so the cost in tiny in reality, never mind if you consider commercial property development which would have a budget of at least hundreds of thousands of pounds if not millions.

For a government petition to be “successful”, I need 10,000 signatures to get a response from the government and 100,000 for a debate in parliament.

What help am I asking for?
On my own, I will get no where near 10,000 signatures never mind my real target of 100,000.
I have already contacted and spoken with my local paper (link below) and been on local BBC radio Sheffield last week, but I need more and more people sharing my message and petition. Therefore I wanted to ask if you personally sign and share my petition


Local paper article

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