Thanks to the 25 or so club members who joined the Zoom call last night to discuss how we can keep the pitch “covid-compliant” following the localised lockdown for Leeds announced last Friday.  To date our focus has been on ensuring members can play and train on the pitch, but the new advice provides more focus on if and how we might cater for spectators at the pitch.

I should stress that the current advice for Leeds is that spectators are strongly advised not to come to the pitch to watch matches and mix with people from other households.  The exception is for a parent/guardian of a junior playing in senior hockey.

It was reassuring to see some positive contributions to the debate and a willingness to engage and be involved in the planning but also the oversight roles then needed.  There is still stuff that we need to do ahead of this weekend and the Covid Sub-Committee that we agreed to create on the call last night are planning to meet via a Zoom call on Wednesday evening (Thursday is perhaps a little too late and whilst it is mens training night, the mens club captain and fixture secretary are able to attend on a Wednesday evening).  If you want to be involved and have some ideas to contribute please let me know but as you might expect with a club like Adel we have a number of people where their day jobs offer valuable experience that we can benefit from tapping in to.

I know that these are testing times for all of us, decisions need to be taken on a regular basis and the conditions in which we have to operate are ever-changing at a national and local level making it even harder to stay fully compliant.  There are inconsistencies from top to bottom that we can pick holes in and I am aware of several clubs who have still not got access to their pitch and others who have decided that they will not open up their areas for spectators, both as a safety measure but also I suspect because of the tasks you need to do in order to maintain compliance.  However, all decisions cannot please everyone, but these are being taken with the overall clubs interests at heart and the focus on continuing to be able to keep playing.  If we can all maintain a positive outlook and pull together we will benefit as a club.  This is part of the Adel values, codes of conduct and our respect code and it might be an opportune moment to read these again to make sure these are maintained.  Please see via the documents link at the top of the website home page.

I hope to provide a further update after the zoom call on Wednesday evening.

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