​With Leeds Adel’s Mens 1st XI league game re-arranged to earlier in the season, it presented the opportunity to play CoY Mens 2s in the hope the rust would disappear ahead of resuming the campaign next weekend.

The game started at Church Lane in a high tempo in the blustery conditions, with the front three of Evans, Mayhew and the returning Butterworth linking well to create opportunities which tested the York captain in goal. Among these chances included a few penalty corners where Kastelik and Hendley could only find the solid York defence or the goalkeepers good reactions with a neat stick save.

In the moments that followed, the ever present and commanding Hill (Tino) suffered an injury in an already thin defence as the injured Partner not playing helped Hill from the pitch who took no further part in the game.

​The re-jigged formation and defence were still trying to organise themselves when a counter attack pulled the Adel defence around and York easily finished with a deflection at the back post.

The opposition grew more and more into the game and 1 soon became 2 when Taylor in the Adel goal had a somewhat David Seaman-esque moment as the York player struck the ball it hit an Adel stick which looped over Taylor and into the back of his net. 2-0 at the break.

With the wind behind their sails in the second half Adel came out looking to put some goals on the board however it went the other way when lapses in concentration, and waiting for the umpires whistle meant 2-0 soon became 4-0.

Adel made it 4-1 and 4-2 with trademark finishes from Hemming and then Horsey. As Adel seeked more goals it left them exposed at the back and the overload from York forced a 5th and then were awarded a Penalty Stroke when Ransely stopped the ball on the line.

The resulting penalty was missed as it struck the post which left the score at 5-2. In the final moments of the game Adel were awarded a dubious PC, however they were not to left wanting as the initial strike was saved but Purdy on debut was first to react and lifted the ball into the net.

This game provided a good indication of where the squad is at and with numbers back for next week in time for the league restarting away at Slazenger HC.

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Richard Partner

Richard Partner · 12th January 2015 at 6:51 pm

With the av age of our squad I thought Paul Parker, Peter shilton comparison would be more target audience Paul Lewis?

Robin Walker

Robin Walker · 12th January 2015 at 9:37 pm

Trying to appeal to a younger audience in order to bring that av age down!

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