The dark clouds over Adel were punctured by a sparkling display of possession hockey by Adel 3s, lead from the front by Cpt David Mattinson. With new transfers in, again from LUUMDHC, the game started at a frantic pace with several short corners won by the team mainly made up of Leeds University Medics. With chances being in high supply, good quality finishing was in short supply, notably from short corners. Most of the possession was held by Adel for long periods of the first half but the forward line were unable to penetrate the Hull defence. The only controversial of a tedious 1st half was that of a disallowed goal from Umpire Poll, who chose to blow up early for a foul, seconds before the ball was slotted into the goal by newcomer, and non-medic, Sam Butterworth. Half-time was soon blown for with the score at 0-0.

The second half continued in much of the same vein, with wave after wave of Adel attack being disrupted by either petty fouls, or poor finishing. Standout chances were hard to come by with more short corner routines botched. The first obvious goal-scoring opportunity was narrowly put over the top from the Captain brought about by a glorious cross-D pass from Dave Stockell, with the outstretched dive resulting in a deflection which narrowly shot over the bar. With the 8/9/10 minute rolling subs being marshalled well off the bench by supporters over members of the crowd started to get rather tense. With 7 minutes left the brave decision was made to go from the 4-1-2-3 formation to a 3-4-3 formation. This initially looked to have destabilised the team, when from a breakout by the Hull attack the ball was put into the Adel goal, only for it to be judged void due to the shot being taken from outside the D. The waves of Adel attacks turned into a frantic, seismic darts into the D which resulted in a final short corner with 1 minute to play. With time running out a brief huddle was required and an outrageous double slip routine with a P-spot finish was devised between attackers Stockell, Butterworth, Mattinson, Shearer, and Johnson. The crowd held their breath….the ball was injected in at pace, slipped to Lipfriend, slipped to Butterworth, back to Mattinson with back to goal…..where he unleased a pacey shot between GK and goal-line defender to score a vital goal. A roar from the crowd followed by the anguish from Hull players and jubilation for the home team. Adel had scored! 1-0! Adel proceeded play out the final seconds in relative comfort to make it 4 wins on the bounce for the team, and an unbeaten 100% start to the season.

MotM – Dave Stockell – “being stocked well”, “giving eviler evils than satan”, “do you even lift?”, “silky skills”

DotD – Luke Shearer –  “how many shorts do you want to airshot?”, “has he ever run in his life?” “Surely he had to steal tyres and s*** in Liverpool?”

Thoughts of Chris Kamara – “I was very pleased with the quality and intensity of their play in the first half against Hull – the work they had done in training paid off and it was a good performance. The emphasis was on pressing the opposition and the 1-0 scoreline at full-time didn’t really do justice to the balance of play.”