It was cold and wet and miserable for the men’s 5s trip to Wakefield, but the boys were steely in their resolve and determined to capitalise on the previous week’s success. A lone spectator braved the elements, wiping the condensation from his NHS spectacles with a sodden handkerchief, proudly embroidered with the letters A.T.I.D….


I wouldn’t know, cos I was 100 miles away in the Lake District, also enduring a weather system straight out of the Old Testament. It was touch and go for a while, but with a huge effort I managed to get the kids out of the car so we could squelch around for a few hours, grumbling quite a lot and promising never to do it again.

Anyway, the hockey. I’m told Max scored, Harry Ellis got one (hello Harry, don’t think we’ve met), and somebody else got one (but I can’t find out who it was – any ideas please?). Tom H was man of the match, according to Polly.  We would have won 3-0, except they got 4, so we lost 4-3.

Will this do Mr Chairman?



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