Men’s 5s came away from Hallam 7s with a 1-1 draw, that could have been worse but should have been better.

With Hedgie absent due to a forward roll-related injury, the 5s were forced to rethink their midfield diamond and their DoD strategy. The Abbeydale astro hadn’t been watered, and the ball bounced around all over the place, making our simple passing game impossible. And Hallam 7s have been riding high near the top of the league, so they would have expected to win this one easily.

That’s all the excuses out of the way. The plain truth is we were not at our best: we ran straight into tackles, failed to use our pace on the wings, and didn’t mark our men. Sheffield, on the other hand, spent most of the first half tripping Joe Greer or pushing him over, which seemed like a decent plan as they took an early lead.

When Joe got hacked down for the umpteenth time, our Scottish international defender, Dave “the rage” Madge, turned green, popped his shirt, and gave the unfortunate Hallam player a piece of his mind. As Adel got set for the resulting short corner, the half time whistle blew. Our defence piled forward, and it was dangerous Dave himself who played an inch perfect pass to Finlay at the back post, where the younger & faster (but not as good looking) Holden flicked the bobbling ball high into the net. 1-1.

Dave Madge… “uncontrollable rage”….

The second half was pretty dire, with lots of effort but few clear chances for either side and not much to get the travelling support excited. We have Tom Poll to thank for a couple of game-saving tackles after he sprinted the length of the field to provide some cover back in our D.

Dave McHulk got MoM for his uncontrollable rage and his goal assist. DoD was awarded to Joe Hedge for forgetting his stick…. at least the engraver won’t have any problems spelling his surname.

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