It seems like a long time since we last saw any on pitch activity in mid March but whilst we have all had to adapt and come to terms with the implications of lockdown and social distancing, there has been plenty of hockey activity off the pitch.  Some of this was covered in a recent email from the Executive Committee which I hope all members received.  This note expands on that to keep everyone updated on developments

  • Using the pitch

England Hockey distributed some guidance on 21st May as to how clubs could start to re-use their facilities again following the changes to the lockdown measures announced last week.  The Committee are working hard to see how we can bring some sort of hockey activity back to the astro but within the guidelines and rules.  More to follow shortly.

  •  Mens 6th Team

We have just received the news that the Yorkshire Committee have been able to move the mens 6th team from Division 4 South to Division 4 North next season – great news for Stefan and his squad who have endured 2 seasons of trips up and down the M1 every other weekend – even better news in that it will see the return of a competitive inter club match between the 5s and 6s who will now be in the same league.  I can already hear sticks being sharpened by some defenders….

  •  End of season dinner and prizegiving

Sadly this “must attend” event was a casualty of the lockdown rules but Ellie and James have secured a date in September for this to become the first ever “Start of Season Dinner” on 19th September.  Pencil in the date now and lets hope we are able to gather and celebrate last season’s successes.

  •  AGM

Another casualty although perhaps not as much of an issue for most of you as the dinner postponement!  Based on our constitution we are required to hold the AGM within a month of the end of the season.  I am not quite sure what date we officially decide the season ended on and with the mens 1s appeal still to be resolved there is a case for saying the season still has not ended.  But clearly the practicalities of holding the AGM face to face are almost impossible and therefore the committee have arranged for the AGM to take place via Zoom on Monday 15th June at 7pm.  The recent communication from the committee via Rosie’s email provided everyone with the required warning and details of the committee positions that need to be filled for next season.  Just because there may be a current position holder, does not mean you cannot stand for a position, all are in effect vacant but if you are interested please send in your declaration of interest to Hannah Fisk as the secretary along with a proposer and seconder.

  •  AWMA

You will probably be aware that AWMA had to furlough the employed staff and as a result this imposes certain conditions on the use of the facilities as the bar staff, cleaners and one of the groundsmen are currently not working.  However, the Executive of AWMA have been working hard to ensure AWMA finances are reviewed wherever possible so that once things return to some form of normality and the facilities can be opened again we have a clubhouse to return to.  Obviously, it goes without saying that we are fortunate at Adel to have our own facilities and not rely on schools, sports centres or pubs to play and meet after but we all need to recognise the efforts of those involved with AWMA who have put in long hours of volunteering to manage throughout this period.

  •  Well done

In times like this, everyone needs a little bit of cheer to keep their spirits up so thank you to Jane and Alice for their hockey skills challenges (I think a few more of you need to try and have a go though) and to James Moorhouse and his gang for providing weekly Tuesday night entertainment. I think they have taken care of at least one Adel social down at the Corona Arms once social distancing permits us to gather in pubs again.

  •  And finally….

I always knew that Adel attracted people from a wide variety of backgrounds but the last 2 months have opened my eyes to how many of you have day jobs that have been so vital over this challenging period.  Gaby has kindly shared a number of your stories on social media and it has been genuinely eye opening to see how the “Adel til I Die” spirit extends itself to how you carry out your every day lives at work too.  It would be unfair to single any of you out and the list of key workers we have at Adel is clearly extensive so on behalf of everyone at Adel a huge thank you for what you are doing in these challenging times – but stay safe as we need you all back on the pitch when the league games start again!

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