Thanks to everyone who zoomed in for the 2021 AGM last night, its strange how turn out seems to have been higher over the last 2 seasons when we have held the AGM this way and perhaps its a signal for how we should hold future AGMs when we return to normality!

I am conscious that whilst we had around 50 members on the call, that leaves another 100 plus who didn’t join so below is a quick summary of the meeting.

  1. Whilst the season has been  severely hampered by lockdowns and covid compliance, the committee have worked tirelessly to ensure hockey can be provided in whatever format was permitted, this will continue over the summer months for seniors and juniors.
  2. We are hoping to make further improvements to the fencing to make it even more difficult for trespassers and vandals to access the pitch as we saw in the latest lockdown.  Hopefully, having the pitch used more often for its primary reason, playing hockey, should also be a benefit in this regard
  3. Several people have gone above and beyond their volunteer roles at Adel to keep the club moving forward in the challenging times, a huge thank you to these people
  4. As you might expect, a key challenge has been our finances and Sam gave an update on where we were after a season with no summer league (a big fund raiser for the pitch fund), and a season with minimal league and competitive hockey.  We have looked to apply for grants, seek refunds for payments made in good faith but where services in return have not been possible to be provided, Gaby has secured some new sponsorships and we have sought to help those whose financial situation was impacted by covid implications.
  5. It was agreed that next season the hockey section membership would be reduced by 40% for those who had paid in full in the 2020-21 season.  This does not include the AWMA membership element of our annual subs and this will be covered at the AWMA AGM in the coming months.
  6. Sam rightly pointed out that our financial focus over the next decade should be to make sure the pitch replacement fund has sufficient monies to cover the cost of the next astro surface replacement in around 2030.  This is one for the new committee, along with AWMA to address as we cannot rely on large grants as in the past
  7. Thanks to Greg, Gaby and Pam for section updates.  Whilst competitive activity has been limited, its been great to see almost everyone want to get back out on the pitch and play any form of hockey, with a focus on fun and enjoyment for now.  Summer league will provide further opportunities for everyone.
  8. A few committee changes with Tom Webb replacing Sam Jackson as Treasurer, Sam taking on the role of Grounds Secretary, Rosie Baker stepping up to be our first Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and after an interesting 3 year stint as Honorary President, Ian Phillips passes over the President role to Bridget Petty.  Bridget has been a valuable club member on and off the pitch for many years, continues to have several committee roles as our rep to AWMA Council and our safeguarding officer and umpires each weekend for the club.  Good luck to all of the new committee members and thanks to those stepping down.
  9. After several years skippering the Mighty Phwoars, Ross Nichols has finally found someone willing to take over the armband and Nic Crocker will lead the 4s next season.  Sam Jackson also takes over as captain of the 3s with Joe Morris stepping down.  Thanks Ross and Joe for leading your teams, even in a curtailed and challenging season!
  10. On the ladies side all the skippers are up for the challenge again next season so hopefully this stability will stand us in good stead when the league seasons recommence.
  11. The committee decided not to make any awards for the 2020-21 season in view of the limited activity on the pitch.  On the plus side, this means those who won awards last year (2019-20 season) and have not yet had their engraved trophy presented at a club end of season dinner, will at least have the chance to receive the trophy at the first club social event and keep the award on the bookshelf or mantlepiece at home for a year, before wondering where it has gone when you are asked to return it.  If anyone still has a trophy to return please do so asap (Ellie Pritchard and Tim McDonald are collecting!)
  12. This year is the 75th anniversary of the hockey club and we would hope to find some ways to celebrate.  Many of us recall the 50th anniversary and the successful events held.  Our social secretaries are looking for a big event to launch the new season in early September, ideally at the clubhouse so we can support AWMA and provide much needed bar revenue!  Then a Christmas do later in the year will provide another chance to dust down the DJs (will they still fit?), ball gowns and dancing shoes….more to follow.
  13. We are running a Hockey Heroes course for 5-9 year olds on Saturday mornings starting for 8 weeks in late May.  A great way for children to start out their hockey careers before moving on to our junior coaching and teams.  MJ and Jim Robinson will be passing on all their hockey knowledge along with Lucy Horsfield so if you have children of that age, or know friends who do, then please come along – it has to be better than football, rugby or netball….

And that was about it – all wrapped up in 90 minutes, despite dodgy wifi in the Bramhope area at Sam and Rosie’s new house, but we managed to get Bob Sibley along to his first AGM in 40 years, Richard Poll worked out how to dial into Zoom at last and Pam found out how to “unmute” herself without having to ask her husband!

Enjoy the summer hockey everyone, keep on using the bar (indoors returns beckon from next week) and get fit and raring ago to take on all-comers from across the new North East Area in the 2021-22 season!

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