It was a wet, stormy day at the fortress as the Adel inter-club derby came to a start. There was lots of pandiculation in the warm up for the 10.30 start and the phwoars were fired up before the beginning! However it seemed the 5s had the fire in their bellies too!

The game started off level with counter attacks flying in from both sides. However with being so fired up the play of the phwoars was looking very flaccid. The deadlock was eventually broken after a interception and pass by outfield Milesy to Harry Ellis, who admirably took one for the team in the opposition D, earning a flick. Damian then dispatched said flick into the left hand corner just out of reach. The phwoars were getting frustrated and the 5s pressing on with superb efficiency then worried the defence with a valiant effort from Allan Carvalho which luckily/unfortunately (however you want to see it) went mm wide. Shortly after Damian was showed a green card for encroaching twice off a free hit and valiantly took the card however with much circumlocution.

The second half started with more determination from the 4s as we pressed on, but continued to get stuck in the middle of the field and around the D. Eventually Damian got in the area onto great ball from Ross Nichols and flicked it over the keeper to score the second. After this we were able to settle down and notch a third through the ever so reliable outlet of Greig again. from a short corner. Grindrod also received a green for reasons I can’t quite remember (edit: an overly-enthusiastic barge on Stu Blair!) A valiant effort all round,  a cracker of a game for an early start. Credit to the 5th team, who showed stern resilience, competitiveness and a challenge throughout – a real showcase for the hockey ability we have coming through Adel.

The inter-club clash drew parallels with the Battle of Leeds, 23 January 1643, wherein Parliamentarian forces during the English Civil War were victorious at what is now Briggate, Leeds city centre.

A 4th clean sheet in a row and still no goals conceded in 2017 thanks to the solid 4s defence and Craig ‘seeming to know what was going on.’ On to a top of the league clash against Boston spa this weekend. Another 10.30am game at home!
MoM Damian Greig for scoring the goals to keep us unbeaten. DotD Luke Taylor for not unleashing the cannon and scoring from right/centre back.
Match report by Luke Taylor. Additional info by El Capitan.
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