Match report: Adel Mens 4s vs Driffield 3s, 11th March

The only undefeated Team in Men’s Yorkshire hockey were back at the Adel fortress to take on a Driffield side who were currently 3rd in the table and stringing a few decent results together.

The phowars usual warm up of crack the ball at milesy and fire aerials all over the pitch was in full swing with Hockin determined to kill somebody.  Following a review of the health and safety act of 2004 Captain Sam rounded up the troops and delivered a team talk which could rival that of Gerrard Butlers in 300. Once this was complete it would seem one member of the team was missing something which ultimately would cost him the DOTD vote……

The game kicked off at the usual ferocious phowars pace which quickly lead to the loved brother, Harry Ellis, slotting one away for the home team. Straight after the kick off, after breaking down a dangerous attack the Phowars won a short corner.  A move which was as slick as the BP oil spill of 2010 lead to Greig slipping the ball to Stefan who fired an absolute fire bolt passed the flat footed keeper.  After these early goals the mighty Phowars kept their foot on the gas which again broke down the Driffield defence and lead to goal number 3. A delightful back stick cross at head height finished off by Stefan for his second.  3 goals to the good with beautiful hockey on display, Greig was released into the D, a swift nutmeg of  the keeper, followed by a  360 spin had the Adel faithful in full voice.

Half time came and went. A contender for assist of the season led to the next goal. Harry Ellis finding gaps in the defence, even with shin splints, used a Driffield defender as a backboard, cannoning the ball off his stomach to set up the less loved brother Sam to reverse stick finish in the top corner.  From here the goals kept coming with more from Greig, a classy nutmeg from Phelps and another from Harry.

Overall a stellar team performance from all except Matthew Brayshaw who frankly lacked mobility, didn’t pay attention in the team talk, wasn’t vocal enough and didn’t even notch up one shot on target.

Final score 9-0. Next game for the Phowars is an international encounter against Scarbados away at 10:30am followed by an all-day sesh.

DOTD- Phelps for almost forgetting his gum shield

MOTM- Greig tied with Steffan

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