Adel Men’s 4s versus Airedale 3s.

The 4s started the game mighty as always with a high intensity from all pressing a strong Airedale side deep in their half. A few early chances from Greig and brayshaw gave the 4s hope of the opening goal – firstly an open net missed by brayshaw then a few shots saved by what was an impressive Airedale keeper.  Not long before the first half ended Brayshaw had a shot on goal which resulted in a rebound

Airedale currently play their home games in Saltaire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001

off the keeper which Damian was there to smash home.The second half began with a very determined Airedale performance  that pushed us straight from the off. But as

Titus Salt, founder of Saltaire, made his fortune by selling Alpaca Wool.

always our defence was mighty: the defensive cannon was always there from Luke Taylor, the brick wall of Bob Sibley, a nosebleed for Craig, and a beast performance from Andy Miles. On the counterattack Adel played a fantastic ball to the back only for Beale to shy away from the diving header and open goal opportunity. The game drew to a close with Airedale trying to find the equaliser but as always we are mighty and held our own right up to the final whistle. 1-0. A great performance from everyone on the pitch. MOTM Joe Morris, DOTD Matthew Brayshaw.


Match Report by Matthew Brayshaw. Images and commentary by Sam Ellis.