Big Ben’s men hit the M62 to one of the nicer parts of Yorkshire in Hull this Saturday. Not only did they get to visit the city of culture, they had the privilege of playing against some of the countries most fine academics in Hull University.

However…upon arrival in D’ull, Adel were left bewildered regarding changing facilities and decided to have an early team talk in the sun out of the front of the sports centre, it was really nice. Big Ben’s team talk left no stone unturned for the fixture, drawing on the fact that Adel should focus on their own game, and seek to build on momentum at every part of the game.

To Adel’s surprise the opposition didn’t look as bad as first thought for the first 10 seconds of the game as they did manage to successfully complete the push back. Subsequently, Adel took control of the game with some great midfield play and forward lead runs allowing Will What’s App Predator Purdy to break free, round the keeper and smash the ball home from a very tight angle. More goals followed, Chris Green’s debut Adel strike with his first touch, Jimmy topping it through the keepers legs, and Nathan getting the long handle out. Adel’s defence as strong as always meant the Orange went into half time 4-0 up.

Less said about the second half the better for all involved… Miles Buller with a tap in increased Adel’s lead. However JSS with a silly green card for chat and Jimmy with another fully deserved yellow saw the game get really scrappy and allowed Hull Uni to score a consolation.

Despite the disappointment of the second half, the teas are the best sampled in the league this season and that deserves a mention.

MOM – Andrew Hill (Solid defensive work)
DOD – Jimmy Mayhew (Card)

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