Ladies 3s had been gearing up to play Barnsley away since the 3-1 defeat they’d suffered at home at the start of the season. Looking at Barnsley’s results so far, the team were not taking any chances. With news from Pocklington scoring eleven goals the week before, Adel wanted to up their goal difference!

On a cold, wet and suitably miserable morning in Barnsley the team began to warm up in order to get started as quickly as possible. Another double check of the pitch, and then we were all good to go.

Adel went out steadily, working together to carry the ball to our attacking D. The ball for the next ten minutes never really made it out of the attacking third. Then came a breakthrough from Jess that would eventually open the flood gates. Not sure Barnsley (or Adel) knew what was to follow! As the first half progressed, the more Adel pushed the ball round Barnsley to get the ball towards the D. The Barnsley defence were becoming slightly stubborn, but that didn’t stop Adel. Great work from Rosh, Vicky, Amy, and Sarah – and runs by Annabel and Grace led to a short corner. A cracking shot by Kiel that deflected off Gabby made it 2-0.

Possibly the quickest half time in history because everyone was so cold, Adel really stepped up. There was never a moment where the Adel defence really had a troubling moment. Carrie, Emily, Abbie and Katie made a fortress to block any shots or play that Barnsley made. Hats off to Grace for stepping up when also needed in defence and dealing with stray balls down the wing. Lydia made a crucial save from the one touch she had throughout the game..

Another five minutes and Gabby and Annabel found their rhythm. The ball began working its way down the wing by Vicky to Gabby where the ball was driven down towards the D and crossed in for Annabel to run on to. This happened a further six times…. Rosh in midfield worked tirelessly driving forwards and switching the ball round the field with Kiel and Jess linking up with Amy on the wing – who caused many problems for Barnsley. With less than ten minutes, and Barnsley’s heads well and truly down – two more goals by Jess and Vicky rounded up a very successful afternoon.

Shoutout to the whole team for consistently working tirelessly together week in and week out, and learning from past mistakes (and to the defence for another clean sheet). It’s great to see some strong playing partnerships forming!

MOM this week goes to Amy who was unstoppable this week.

Here’s to next Saturday at home to Otilensians who lie one point ahead – which will undoubtedly be the biggest test so far against Adel – and Ladies 3s couldn’t be more ready to show what they’re made of…

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