Adel navigated their way through another two weekend fixtures unscathed and still moving forward.

Saturday saw a home tie with Doncaster in what was felt to be a warm-up for Sunday’s cup match. It turned out to be quite the opposite, the bitterly cold weather freezing Doncaster in a permanent quarter press. A comfortable 3-0 victory, not a game to be remembered other than the tenth league victory of the season and the seventh clean sheet.

MOM- Jacs Smith- Busy on a very crowded wing, found some space and opened the scoring with another short corner strike.

DOD- Emma Bickley- A quick nip home to collect a skort…..luckily we weren’t away…….

The team gathered early on Sunday morning to head over The Pennines for an Investec Trophy round two tie with Crewe Vagrants. Very much hopeful of a greater challenge, they were not disappointed.

The game started brightly, both teams trying to stamp early dominance on the cup tie. Jeavons, Gibson, Love, Henry and Hairsine finding themselves pressed at the back, moved the ball quickly from sideline to sideline looking for the space to open. The midfield of A.Blyth, K.Blyth, Goacher and Hesselwood finding space behind the press to get a run at the defence. Crewe however would offer much more in response, breaking quickly themselves. McCall finally woken from her summer of hibernation, dealing with the Crewe forwards like a grouchy polar bear, the best players save the big performances for the big games.

Adel now grew in confidence, Bickley, Smith and Straughan getting the run at their respective full backs. C.Goacher moving the ball well in the area to find the space for a shot, the Crewe keeper alert, however their was a sense the deadlock would soon be broken. Another flowing passing movement through the middle and out to the wings, K.Blyth losing her marker to find space in the area, the Crewe keeper could do nothing as the ball sailed into the top corner. Half time 1-0.

Both teams started the second half frantically, the ball now moving end to end at a much faster pace, each team taking it in turns to break on their respective opposition. Whilst both teams could have scored a couple of goals each, Adel knew that their fitness has not been matched this season and they would soon dominate the play. In the meantime, McCall would be alert to make more saves, gloves and pads no problem, cutting down the centre forward, as she slid through to win the ball. As the game became much more physical in the middle, the Crewe defence were somewhat helpless as the Adel wingers left them for dust. Adel thought they had their second goal, the keeper beaten only for the ball to hit the defenders foot on the line. The obvious penalty flick not awarded, no justification offered as to why it was only a penalty corner. A few moments later and a little bit of space at the top of the area, Hesselwood unleashing a strike, nerves relieved as the ball smashed against the back board to double the lead on sixty minutes.

Crewe responded well and finally found some reward for their brave high press, the Crewe forward finally getting on the scoresheet, the first away goal conceded by Adel this season would turn out to be a consolation, as the team closed the game out to secure victory.

Many thanks to our umpires this weekend and the ever growing support despite the weather, a special mention for families Love, Jeavons and Blyth who made the long trip to Crewe.

Adel will now play Leamington in round 3 looking to secure a quarter-final spot at home 7th February. If both teams maintain their 100% records, there will be plenty to play for.

MOM- Sarah McCall – Hard as nails.

DOD- Sammy Hesselwood – Not able to travel two hours home to collect her skort, played in skins shorts. A permanent scar on the retinas of any poor soul who was behind her in the press.









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