Adel ladies 4’s travelled east towards the sea to be met by cloud and drizzle before the match against Driffield 3’s who were currently 10th in the league.

Keen to tackle the game ahead, the 4’s warmed up and even had a scout of the opposition to construct a strong game plan which later led to a 3-0 win to our ladies!

As the match started it was clear that the ladies were in it to win it with midfield players Frankie, Sophie, Maddie and Jo holding possession in the attacking half and pushing the ball up to Rosie and Charlie eager to score. With fantastic runs from Maddie and switches between Jo and Frankie the 4’s continued to pressure Driffield’s persistent defence to secure the short corner which lead to Frankie breaking through the defensive wall to score Adel’s 1st goal.  Spirits were high in the team and defence began to push up-field to keep pressuring Driffield, with a lucky break through triple K in defence (Katie, Kate and Kat) Driffield had a run on goal only to be cleared by Ellie and turned back over to the Adel attackers. Lydia made a fantastic save running off the goal line to confront Driffield’s attacking attempt to maintain her clean sweep in the first half. Maddie utilised her young legs to run the ball from defence all the way to the attacking D on multiple occasions and continued to impress with her fighting attitude. Captain Nicole switched on for Rosie up front and continued to pressure Driffield’s defence.

At half time the ladies agreed not to drop the pressure with the aim to secure further goals and decided to move Kate to the right wing in defence and push Sophie central with Maddie to attack with full force.

With a fast start to the second half Jo made a bee-line for the goal, with determination in her eyes she secured Adel’s second goal after an unlucky deflection off the post. The swift shot on goal prompted Driffield to step their defence game up a notch and pushed Adel ladies back into their defensive half. In a short corner for Driffield, Lydia and her defence were faced with their first test of the match but were not phased and prevented Driffield’s attackers’ success. With a sprint from Jo up the right wing she passed the ball up to Rosie who just missed on an impressive reverse shot. After gaining another short corner Jo powered the ball past the defence with skill and precision. The aims on goal continued with another short corner being awarded to Adel just seconds before the final whistle. The ladies were excited by the aspect of another goal in the final seconds of the match and Frankie produced a brilliant shot on goal that missed by a millimetre and deflected off the post.

This was a well-deserved win for the 4’s and it was agreed that Maddie’s persistence and goal set-ups should be awarded with MOM.

Next weekend Adel 4’s face two consecutive games at home and hope to continue their success in 2016!


Sophie Bunker

Lover of the great outdoors, day trips and adventures. Creative with arts & crafts and major neat freak.