Ladies 3 gathered mid morning for their first game of the season away to Thirsk. With Thirsk already winning their first game away to York the week before, ladies 3s knew the squad of fourteen would certainly come in handy for what would be a testing game. With three new juniors moving up into the 3s, along with four new players – no one knew exactly what to expect, only that we all wanted to come away with a win. 

 The weather was unusually warm for a late September afternoon.  Another plus was that everyone had actually made it on time,  as well as warmed up, so a decision for the first time was to start early.  

 Both Adel and Thirsk started cautiously, with both teams passing around to work out how they wanted break forward. Thirsk had a solid couple of chances that were promptly blocked by the Adel defence, and for ten minutes the ball evenly worked its way back and forth into both attacking areas. As time pushed on late into the first half, Adel seemed to really get themselves going. Every area of the field worked as a unit. Thirsk had set their press well, but nothing fazed the defence, and the ball was worked around the back, into midfield, and on to the forwards. Unfortunately, chances were saved by their goalkeeper. Adel knew if they kept pressing forward, a goal would happen. Anna, Amy and Sam worked brilliantly on the wings, and through midfield.  Five minutes from the end of the first half Thirsk had a few breakaways, each time blocked by a sturdy Adel defence.  First half ended 0-0. 

 After a brief half time chat, Adel came out in the second half with all guns blazing. Adel had decided to adopt a take no prisoners attitude. Every single player worked their socks off, ran hard, and broke down every single play that Thirsk tried to develop. Adel kept pushing forward with cracking balls from Emily, Jess and Vicky through the field. Chloe, Amy and Laura kept making passes to upset the Thirsk defence, only once again to be saved by the keeper.  

Fifteen minutes from time came a breakthrough. Adel kept their sensible heads on with a well worked ball from the back from Carrie. The ball travelled from Anna, down the wing to Amy, who pushed the ball forward to Gabby just outside the attacking D.  The ball was crossed in, to which there was Jess, Vicky, Chloe and Laura all ready to bombard the keeper with shots – with eventually Jess’s touch pushing the ball over to the backboard. You would have thought Ladies 3s had won the league with the sheer elation that was shown by each player, and that was great to see! Adel continued to push even harder, not allowing Thirsk to get a chance anywhere on the field. As time ticked away, Adel just kept pushing and pushing, and working well in pairs to back one another up. Whistle blew, and Adel winning 1-0.  Credit to Thirsk for putting up a difficult game, and making Adel think about what passes they needed to do – and making the ball do the work. 

 Huge credit to the whole of the Ladies 3 team considering there are many new faces, for showing a promising start to the season against a difficult team, and managing substitutions effectively.  Shoutout also goes to the coaches for the training, as many of the elements shown and taught in training were transferred positively into a game – so Thank You. 

Ladies 3s face a tough home game next week against Barnsley, but one thing is for certain: a full squad of ladies raring to go again!
 MOM – Jess and Anna