After the double header weekend of Saturday 10th Oct which saw a 5-0 victory over Heckmondwike, and a demolition job win of 10-0 against Uni of Leeds on the Sunday – Ladies 3s were made to forget about that and their top league position, and treat mid table Doncaster with caution.

With a near full squad of 14, everyone was treating Doncaster as if they were top of the table. After a minutes silence held in memory of ex-player Elly Sheard, Adel had a few minutes to regroup.

Ladies 3s started cautiously, with much of the squad trying to settle down into positions quickly. Within the first ten mins of the ball being bounced around near the Doncaster defence, a short was given. A quick inject from Vicky shot to Emma Kiel with accuracy just outside the attacking D. First shot, 1-0 Adel.

Adel really began to work in pairs and passing out to the wings in midfield. After noticing that Doncaster were becoming very scrappy in their play, (something which happened against Barnsley a few weeks ago that ended in a 3-1 loss) – the ladies were determined to not let that stop them playing to their standard. After making sure every press was solid, and a mistake from the Doncaster centre back, Jess raced in to collect the stray ball for a one on one with the keeper. Composure kept, 2-0.

As half time approached, play begun to lose it’s shape slightly with both sides really going for every challenge.  Another injection from the hard work of Anna and Vicky lead the ball back into our attacking quarter – Jess once again intercepted a ball to push into the backboards. 3- at half time.

After a quick briefing, with the only objectives to keep our shape strong to ultimately win the game – everyone absorbed those thoughts. Adel went out breaking down any play that Doncaster prepared. There was never a moment where Doncaster had possession for extended periods, and the more Adel took possession, the more balls were pushed towards the attacking D. Great work from midfield to the wings allowed a ball to find its way to Annabel who applied some great ball work and skill to push round two players and the keeper to make it 4-0. As time ticked down, there were great periods of play from the defence of pushing the ball out to the wings, and great tireless work from Amy and Kiel making and creating spaces for balls to be passed into. Adel carried on playing their own game to allow the keeper to be overloaded once again to allow Jess to score and have her hat trick. 5-0.

With Doncaster well and truly out of the game with ten mins to go, Adel capitalised on the rest of the game. The defence even with little to do, all kept their focus to make sure nothing made it past them. The work rate towards the end was never compromised as the whole team worked as a unit pushing and driving forward. With five minutes to go, a strong ball driven down the wing by Vicky was hit into the D with pinpoint accuracy on to Gabby’s stick, which found its way past the keeper. Final score 6-0.

Another all round great game of hockey which ended with another clean sheet. Charlie was never really challenged all game, and much of that was down to the back line defence who never allowed the ball to stray. Everyone kept their focus to play their own game, and learnt from the loss against Barnsley.

As cliché as it is, the hockey being played is solely down to all the team coming to training, working tirelessly as a unit, and using drills and scenarios in training to develop when in game situations. With that said, next week away at York is another fresh challenge to deal with – and to push all previous wins to the back of our minds.

Until the weekend… Ladies 3s should be proud that once again they’re top of the league!

MOM – Jess for her hat trick and redeeming herself from her double DOD the weekend before!

Well done all, and thanks to Amy and Anna’s dad for constant support throughout the games!!

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