Words by Gabby Nusenbaum


The Success of Teamwork….

Coming together is a beginning

                                                                 Keeping together is progress

                                                                  Working together is success…

                                                                                       – Henry Ford –



Saturday 12th March 2016 will be remembered by all ladies in the 3s team for a day that saw them cemented to being promoted into Division 2. That day they also played Pocklington for a ‘winner takes the title’ league clash on an afternoon packed with Adel and family supporters. Ladies 3s not just happy with being promoted, they also wanted to win to see them finish top of the table. Having lost to Pocklington earlier in the season 2-1 on a cold November morning, no one was taking any chances with a loss.   ‘Logical’ thinking by Abbie Taylor was, ‘if we just get two goals quickly and then settle down, I’d be ok with that…..’ Thanks Abbie… Afterall, having only lost three times in the season – it’s not something we were used to and didn’t want Pock to leave victorious.. Adel went out all guns blazing and raring to go. Once the whistle was blown it only took less than ten minutes for a goal to be scored. Adel made sure that no play ever developed by Pocklington, and limited any chance for them to enter their attacking D. Cracking play by the team as a whole made sure the ball was pushed through the midfield towards the wings – and then in for the forwards to score. Goals by Vicky and Rosh made it 4-0 at half time. After a sensible chat from Paul and Sam during the break, Adel was back out in force. Fran helped drive the ball down the wings towards the attacking D with help from Jess and Katie. Credit to the Pocklington goalkeeper who made every effort to save any balls that came her way – but Adel kept pushing, and a long ball that made its way to Annabel was pushed in the back of goal. Final whistle – 5-0.


Things were not finished there – Tuesday 15th March saw a rearranged game to be played against University of Leeds on what can only be described as the bounciest pitch ever created at Weetwood. If anyone wants to purchase a bouncy castle, please save your money and just go to the Weetwood top pitch for an afternoon…. Adel went out maybe not as heavy as the game on the previous Saturday, but carefully to ensure that the score line remained in their favour.


Once again cheered on by supporters and family coming to watch at Weetwood – Adel tried their hardest to pass the ball round to develop problems for Uni of Leeds. This was made difficult by a bouncy and uncontrollable pitch, and struggling to get to grips with Uni of Leeds. Much of possession remained with Uni, and long hard balls were hit into their attacking D. First half was coming to an end and looked like it would be 0-0, but a pass back from defence came down to Gabby who shot into the D, only for Vicky to get the edge of her stick on to it to loop it into the back of the goal over the keeper. Half time/relief 1-0.


Sensible chat number two by Paul Lewis saw the team gather their thoughts for a few minutes for what would be the final 35 minutes of the season. The whole team went out to play a much more controlled second half. Defence, midfield and forwards all worked together to battle it out to keep the score 1-0. Sadly, the chances into Adel’s attacking D didn’t materialise, but all the ladies kept going with Paul screaming encouragement from the sidelines. Final whistle came that saw a tired Adel win 1-0, and therefore definitely finish Top of Division 3. Excitement all around, and relief and wiping his brow from Mr Lewis.


The Ladies 3s have had an incredible season – but it has not been without its ups and downs. This season has been a steep but fun learning curve for all the players involved. This team has had eight new players come to join the squad from elsewhere, as well as one move up, another push into the 2s, and then leaving only five or six original players from last year. It has been quite remarkable/unheard of for such a varied group of players to gel so well. This has been down to constant effort and hard work every week in ensuring all came to training. By training together every week, it has allowed everyone to work together regularly – as well as regularly playing as a core squad each week.


A general consensus from the beginning of the season was that 3s wanted to push for promotion, and knew that it wasn’t going to come easy. Yet, all it took was that first game against Thirsk away to win 1-0 for the hunger of winning to kick in. Even in the game where Thirsk were struggling in the last ten minutes, Adel pressed harder and become stronger. With 16 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses from 22 games – the team have always learnt from every game (even with the ones that didn’t necessarily go their way). Practice of set pieces and positioning from training have also helped the team grow positively. Looking back at the season, where the team have lost – for example, the shock loss in the second game of the season at home vs Barnsley 3-1 – the ladies suitably unhappy with their performance that day worked with such determination to play them again two months later to beat them 10-0 away. There have been games such as Hull at Adel where with a bare team, the ladies battled for 1-1 draw when at one point it looked like a loss. Champions don’t always necessarily win every game, but battle to save games to salvage something out of it. That’s teamwork.


Every player, some dealing with work/personal circumstances still managed to get to all training sessions, and encouragement from every player, it has put the team where it has finished. Score lines such as 10-0 vs Uni of Leeds, 6-0 vs Doncaster, and 10-1 vs Horsforth have been sensational – and during a four week period the Ladies 3s scored 26 goals and kept a clean sheet throughout that time. All in all 90 goals scored and only 20 let in – with thirteen clean sheets. Adel managed to score against every team over the season, with only one game where the team didn’t log a goal. Pretty good stats. (We love stats at Adel)


The team treated every game like it was a top of the league clash, battled and put in the effort every week. Every player gave it their all to play their role in the 3s, and each played it to perfection. The team never relied on one person to score, and it’s great to look back on the season gone.  It’s been a long season, but it’s paid off. They should all be proud the achievement of coming top.  As Rosh McEwan would say, ‘You guys rock my world..’


To all the coaches, other Adel teams, supporters, Jackson, and the team itself – every week may not have been easy, but it’s through all those that give their time and help out that make teams go that extra distance to cross the finish line. It’s not always gone how we’ve liked it to have, but in the end made it count when necessary. I’m not just honoured to have just been a part of the team, but to be a Captain to watch this team grow. Here’s to next season in Division two – and a mini rest before summer league begins…


“Unity is strength…and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved…”


Wonderful things indeed.



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