So the biggest news of the day, Andy Portnall arrived on time and was wearing full hockey kit, Mr Motivator finally claiming his wardrobe back! Adding to this Ash ‘Maybe’ Hardaker and the always popular Reid Hendley were there just in time for the start. The rest of the troop completing the usual warmup of standing around the area trying to take Sarah’s head off.

Captain Ransley lost the toss, somewhat overwhelmed by tossing a coin instead of the usual rock, paper, scissor format for which he has a deadly paper reputation! Durham claiming push back for themselves, valiantly started the game with a push to Adel, and whilst i do not have much memory, we probably gave it straight back.

Debuts through out Team Orange, Blyth, Smith and Warburton finally getting the recognition for their efforts this season, Warburton commenting ‘this is better than my England call-up’ true story.

A lackluster first half finished goal less however there were plenty of highlights, Lindsay grasping a 70 yard V12 Hardaker rocket (chicks dig aerials…..apparently) only to be cut in half by a cynical Durham challenge, the resulting short corner, successfully wasted! Hendley managing to tie his arms and legs together, and just enough time for a pitch invasion. Will ‘I play Hallam you know’ Powley, not so impressed.

Coach Lewis’ wise words at halftime ‘do you lot want to start playing’ duly inspired the troops, and two minutes into the second half Orange were 1-0 down. McCall, Love, Jones, Summers and Warburton placing blame fully on Hardakers, it’s tough being the only man in a  woman’s world (or defence).

The best players save their best performances for the big games, said someone once. Ransley sealing his position as Plate top goalscorer with an absolutely fine run to latch onto a lose ball, Blyth’s leading run taking the goalkeeper out of the goal (really?!).

All square, chance of penalties….oh hang on. So there was this guy, apparently he normally plays in goal, scored the winner for Durham, and average run finished with an average finish into the top right hand corner, the best part the celebration, shocked to say the least!

Maybe next year?………

MOM- Ash Hardaker, that much weaseling will always get you votes.

DOD- Sam Ransley, who needs shin pads anyway?




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