It was a relatively early start for the 4s this week as we headed out to Cleckheaton to see if we could continue our winning streak. A huddle to start and our most unsuccessful ‘sticks in’ yet that earnt the captain DOD for yelling ‘1, 3, ADEL’ leaving everyone, especially, myself, confused and apparently unable to count.

We started well, and it quickly became apparent that we would dominate this match. Having said that, it took us awhile to get into gear and take control of the game. A short corner taken by Pam hit the backboard and we were on our way! Some nice passing on the pitch, using the width and players at the back gave us several more chances in the D. Becky managing to chip the ball over their GK who had dived, 2-0 Adel!

Half-time chat. We were all agreed that we may be 2-0 up but it should be more, we were playing down to their level and we could do better.

Second half the team certainly took this on board: the passing was sharper, movement better and we were creating more chances in the D. A fast ball into Helen in the D from Emily, bam, in the corner. Adel had arrived. 2 minutes later Charlie was on the move with another chance in the D, hit the keeper’s pads and Morag was there to do the rest. Next it was Hattie’s turn, dribbling down the wing, passing between herself and Stanners led to an opening and Hattie converted it. 5-0, we were on a roll.

At this point we looked back to see Ellie and Rosie, full back and GK respectively chatting in our D, unfazed by play up front. I later discovered that the ball only entered our 22 7 times all game – quite an achievement defence so congrats Pam, Jayne, Ellie and Millie!

At the other end of the pitch Sarina found Becky on the post, made a lovely cross and Becky was able to smash it into the net. It was 6-0 and we wanted more. Bish, ever steady as centre half, pinged the ball between herself and Stanners creating room for a pass into Emily. The keeper was out so Emily switched it round to Morag, who was faced in an open goal, and cool under pressure found the backboard.

With 5 minutes to go we had a short corner, Charlie, yet to score, was out for blood, she wanted this. Good injection from Becky, Charlie had it and unfazed it sailed to the backboard. 8-0, good job team!


MOM: Helen for great skills in mid with good distribution and passing out wide.

DOD: myself for being unable to count to 3….


Our first clean sheet and the umpire said we were the best passing team he’d seen all season – definitely something to be proud of girls.


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