For those who don’t know me, I joined Adel in 1986 and have played in the Mens 1st to 8th teams, indoor team and veterans team.  I have seen the club colours change from green/gold to orange to black and back to orange again! I have previously overseen some of the junior teams when my children (both still involved at Adel and probably familiar to most of you already!) were playing junior hockey and I have also been a mens captain, social secretary and umpire for the last 10 or so years.  I also act as the hockey section rep to AWMA, the charity that oversees all of the activities at Adel for the 12 different sports sections.

Over my time at Adel the club has gone through the usual ups and downs on the pitch but I think this is the first season when we have had both mens and ladies 1st teams playing in the North leagues.  Please come along to support both teams and watch some high quality hockey at Adel. However, I firmly believe success on the pitch is a by-product of having a sensible structure off the pitch and this is dependent on a band of willing and enthusiastic volunteers who give sterling service over many hours across a season.  Over the course of the season I will introduce you to each of the current committee members and the role they do so that everyone is aware of who to ask for any queries or perhaps offer support based on your own experience.