Junior Service Award Club Team Club Umpire Youth Player Good Service
  (Pam Hardaker) of the Year   (Oliver Buswell) (Mike Potts)
2017 Ash Hardaker Mens 1s Rich Poll Sholto Rowe Rich Bingham
2016 Paul Lewis Ladies 1s Rich Bingham Flo Straughan Ian Phillips
2015 Simon Sutton Ladies 4s Katy Blyth Anna Shields Sam Ransley
2014 n/a Ladies 1s Jim Cockburn Emma Bickley Paul Lewis
2013 n/a Ladies 2s Mark Powley Megan Shields Jim Cockburn
2012 n/a Ladies 2s D Hall J Sutton R Partner
2011 n/a Mens 3s A Hardaker M Ball S Taylor
2010 n/a Ladies 4s D Akroyd G Sweeting R Higgins
2009 n/a Mens Indoor R Beal E Prest R Foster
2008 n/a Ladies 3s R Foster W Powley P Hardaker

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