Some awards have changed focus over the years, hence why there are some ladies in the Youth Player sections

  GK Most Improved Good Service Long Service Team of the Year Top Scorer 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s Youth Player
      Mike Potts Trophy Morris Crossfield Trophy Kieren Patel Trophy               Oliver Buswell Trophy
2019 Jack Stephenson Will Powley Sam Jackson Nic Crocker 6s Paul Horsey James Moorhouse Jack Stephenson Si Littler Joe Morris Max Holley Josh Walker Joe Greer
2018 Rob Higgins Kieran Herbert Ben Hendley Mark Powley 2s Damian Greig Gareth Maver Rich Partner Greg Hilton Charlie Sutton Mikey McWilliams   Patrick Haywood
2017 Andy Miles Ed Crocker Rich Bingham Tony Akroyd Mens 4s Damian Greig             Sholto Rowe
2016 Rob Darling Sam Jackson Ian Phillips Dave Akroyd Mens 5s Miles Buller             Flo Straughan
2015 Rob Higgins Ed Fuller Sam Ransley Simon Taylor Mens 1s Paul Horsey             Ann Shields
2014 Tom Taylor Tim Brazier Paul Lewis Giles Primmer Mens 4s Paul Horsey             Emma Bickley
2013 Greg Bristow Tom Taylor Jim Cockburn Greg Hilton Mens 3s Paul Horsey             Megan Shields
2012 G Bristow D Graham R Partner R Poll Mens 4s A. Poll             J Sutton
2011 R Higgins R Maver S Taylor B Sibley Mens 5s R Amos             M Ball
2010 T Poll J Staunton-Sykes R Higgins I Phillips Mens Indoor C Thurston             G Sweeting
2009 T Wainwright J Heslip R Foster P Hardaker Mens 6s A Noble             E Prest
2008 T Poll C Bond P Hardaker B Petty Mens 2s T Williams             W Powley