The earliest we can trace sport back to Adel is evidence of cricket being played in 1876, with the hockey club first playing as a mixed team in 1946, and later the same year forming a men’s 1st XI with an inaugural tour to Aberdeen.

The men’s 2nd XI was formed in 1950, with further pitch landscaping and drainage work taking place in 1959, Adel Hockey Club was originally a semi nomadic side playing at Bedquilts, then Ireland Wood and then Soldiers Field.

The invitation to join Adel gave the club luxuries other clubs didn’t have including changing rooms and high quality grass pitches. Thus regular hockey started being played in 1962 at Adel.

In 1970 we merged with Fulneck Old Boys and the Men’s 3rd XI was formed. A decision was made in 1971 to level, drain and seed the top field to create a ladies pitch in parallel to a ladies section. This was followed by the Mens 4th XI being formed in 1974 and the Ladies 2nd being formed in 1981. The Men’s 5th XI started in 1985 alongside the Ladies 3rd XI, with the Mens 6th XI in 1991 and the ladies 4th XI in 1993.

The club first laid the artificial surface in 1997, and the first game was played on the 29th June 1997.