Adel 1s v Huddersfield 1s Away

After a prolific cup performance in which they had served up a an 8-0 drumming to the side they were facing up against for their first league game of the season the Men’s 1s were on a high. However, they were very aware that the Huddersfield Dragons were missing a few key players the week before and were now at home so were told very sternly by Ben Hendley to not get complacent.

The lads obviously listened well as they were 1-0 down inside 10 minutes……

Nonetheless, they did not let this phase them. Adel quickly came back to remind the Dragons why they had walked over them the week before with some quick play into the Dragons D saw Pete Sim score a goal so good that fans are saying should be given goal of the season award immediately. Swamped by defenders the new big money signing somehow found enough space to get a fierce strike away from an impossibly tight angle that screamed past the terrified keepers left ear lobe. Rumor has it the keeper hasn’t slept since. 1-1….game on.

As the half went on momentum ebbed and flowed with Adel struggling to find consistent pass completion. To be fair to Huddersfield they were doing a good job of causing a lot of disruption to the distribution from the back 4. Then in true Huddersfield fashion they crashed a ball through the middle which got deflected by an Adel midfielder in a effort to intercept resulting in a perfectly weighted through ball to a goal hanging Huddersfield striker who seized the opportunity to score……2-1

Half time

After some inspirational words from Ben and Captain Will Purdy (aka that was s**t) the lads came out to the second half fired up. 5 minutes into the second half it became apparent that the pep talk had the desired effect. Some silky play from the back through the midfield produced an opportunity for striker Sam Harris who had controversially transferred from Boston Spa, only getting pen to paper minutes before the transfer deadline. But no shock he showed the manager why he was worth the cash, goal…2-2

Unfortunately Adel struggled to kick on with the momentum they had gained from the goal and preceded to fall back into the similar pattern of play they were in just before the first half. This led to a goal from the dragon that can only be described as a carbon copy of their previous one. Crash ball, deflection from Adel player, perfectly weighted through ball, goal….3-2.

Following this play began to get very frantic with only 15 minutes left. Leading to both teams losing players to green and yellow cards due to what can only be described as physical challenges. Time was starting to tick away…..

But then with only 3 minutes to go Pete Sim had a free hit 7 meters out, he dribbled exactly 5 meters, no more, no less and slapped the ball into the D. The lads hearts were in their mouths as they cast their gaze to the back post, praying there was an Adel player awaiting the ball……..but of course there was. Who else could it have been but El Capitán Will Purdy. He received the ball and smashed it into the back of the net!! He looked up as though he was about to pull his shirt over his head and run the length, however, he knew there was still a job to be done……3-3

With only 2 minutes to go both teams were pushing for the win. Huddersfield launched a dangerous attack ending up on the edge of the Adel D. However, man of the match Jim ‘the rock’ Robinson turned over possession and launched a counter attack. The ball was quickly dispatched up to a breaking James Moorehouse. Screams from Ben Hendley on the sideline of ‘its a two on one’ were rumored to have been heard in Headingley. James continued to charge forward with Sam Harris along side him. Then as Ben had pointed out, it was in fact a two on one. James slipped the ball to his left giving Sam the chance to secure a heroic victory from the jaws of defeat……….he once again showed why he’s paid the big bucks and drove the ball into the back of the net!! ADEL WIN 4-3!!!!

The ecstatic crowd immediately invaded the pitch! (also known as the next teams on) The lads looked mentally drained, yet were victorious. Just another day at the office.

Youth and Experience combine for Three Points

The 3s started the season with a trip to Airedale. Having caught the end of the 2s triumph against the same opposition the 3s started in good fashion

The happily paired coupling of Fozzy and Bingham controlling midfield and Greg and Mark at the back cutting out danger before it really worried Sholto making his debut for the 3s after an impressive season with the 5s last year.

The opening Adel goal came from our two resident right backs. The assisting cannon Luke Taylor firing a 30 yard through ball into the new and improved Dave Mattinson (thanks Primal) who slotted home neatly. Adel were quickly pegged back by an Airedale short corner 1-1.

2 quick goals came from Adel in response. The first a well worked short corner routine converted by the wise old fox Fozzy who cleverly disguised his slap shot, and deceived the keeper with a mix of fade/top spin a couple of bobbles and a cry of anguish. The Adel 3rd was a proper hockey goal with a neat one two from Beale and Bingham down the left flank. Bingham carried the ball out wide fired in to the Beale who carried on the run and dived in at the near post to deflect home.

3-1 Adel half time.

The second half was a lot more frantic with mistakes and turnover in possession from both sides halting the flow.

Adel scored a 4th courtesy of neat play by Mattinson and neatly deflected by the glowing Matt Lilley who suffered in the September warmth.

Airedale grabbed a second but Adel were able to hold strong for a well deserved 4-2 victory.

4 different scorers, 2 3rd team debuts for Simon and Sholto who impressed and the most ground ever covered by Matt Brayshaw in an Adel shirt made for a good start to the season.

MOM – Greg Hilton DOD – Brayshaw
Next up Bradford 2s who put 14 past their 3rd team this week. The Phwoars were much more polite to our 5s thankfully.


Leeds Adel L1’s v Bowden

And so it begins again….


The ladies 1 st team embarked on the first on many journeys down the 3 M’s (621 / 62 / 60) separating the light side to the dark side of the North of England. The team a perfect balance of old heads and fresh new faces, all looking resplendent in the electric orange kit.

Bowden, very worthy opponents, fielded what can only be described as a colony compared to the
Adel bare 11, and yet our cheer was still the loudest…… Quaility, not quantity!

Adel started the brightest, nicking the ball back from the centre pass, Jaclyn Smith driving, weaving
and spinning her way down the left flank and entering the D. impossible angled shot number 1…
Saved! Impossible angle number 2 shot, deflects off the keeper’s kicker and goes in! 1-0 Adel.

Thegoal met with raucous cheers from the 2 travelling fans holding their own against the Bowden rabble.

The first half ebbed and flowed. The new look back four of Hannah Jones, Abbie Taylor, Sammy
Gibson and Ceska Akerman staying strong, Abbie Cook making some brilliant reaction saves, one a
great deflection off the stick of Clare Hesslewood. Eventually, Bowden managed to break through, 2-
1 at half time

The second half was much of the same, the defence absorbing pressure, the mid field of
Hesselwood, Wright, Richardson and Blyth tirelessly running to maintain a strong central formation.
Smith and Baker on the wings causing havoc with pace and deft skill, a defenders nightmare. The
breakaway pressure was rewarded with a couple of short corners which unfortunately could not be

The game ended in a 4-1 loss, but an excellent performance by the whole team with added thanks to
those players who stepped up from the 2’s

MOM – Sammy Gibson
DOD- Jaclyn Smith – the slightest player on the pitch being green and yellow carded for being “too

Roll on next week!!
By Katy Blyth

Men’s 1s vs Leeds

Last weekend big bens men effectively won the league after having gained promotion without hitting a ball.


The long away trip to Leeds was particularly enjoyable given the brilliant following we took with us. Leeds had started the season as an early contender before starting to slip and so Adel were fully focused in the preparations and warm up. This enabled the game to get off to a quick start with Adel enjoying the majority of possession and territory pinning Leeds back with a very effective press. This led to some really good chances with Purdy on hand to put the first away. Chance came quickly Bayford missing narrowly after a Purdy shot rebounded off the post. But the next goal came, Birdy found himself in space in the middle of the pitch whilst the defenders split wide open a route one ball into the D was neatly tipped into the net by Bayford. The next goal came from a slight miss hit from Purdy that was expertly deflected mid air by Bayford nicely into the path of on rushing Mayhew converting for 3-0. From the resulting pushback Adel pressed the Leeds into an error that forced a save from the busy Leeds keeper, it came straight out to Bayford who finished nearly on the reverse. The crowd were certainly being entertained “best hockey I’ve ever seen” and “greatest Adel team in years” were a few of the comments that could be heard on the sidelines.


The second half continued in a similar manner however a bit of poor discipline caused Adel to be less impactful. Mayhew added another to his tally particularly exciting the fans as his shot found its way into the top corner. A couple green cards latter Purdy finished the scoring with a neat drag flick from a short. 6-0 and effectively the league title.


Promotion and champions with 3 games to spare he next aim is to break the 100+ goal difference.


Thanks to all the supporters who came down and made it feel like a home game! Our last game of the season is at home on he 25th so feel free to come down and join the celebrations.


Thanks also goes to Ben Rhydding and Halifax for providing the early results to give us promotion.



Motm – Andy

Dotd – Phil


Report by Phil Bayford.

Sorry it’s late

Match Report(s): Men’s 4s vs Thirsk, 25th Feb, and Men’s 4s vs Bradford, 4th March

An exciting day of Hockey at Adel on 25th February culminated in the match that the 4s had signposted since mid – December, 1st vs 2nd, with promotion, potentially a title on the line.

Having previously talked the talk but failed to walk the walk in crunch games earlier on in the season, (or at least failed to win as emphatically as the talk beforehand would suggest) the adrenaline was flowing.

Adel were highly focused and composed from the start, racing into a 2-0 lead (both well worked goals, passed around defenders followed by neat finishes, I think by Whytock then Matt Brown.)

With a team of 16, the ensuing substitutions disjointed us slightly. However the ever-reliable central partnership of Crocker and Sibley held back any Thirsk challenges, and Adel were able to add a couple more before half time. (From Harry Ellis, a tidy finish, and Damian, a trademark strike into the back of the net, not necessarily in that order.)

4-0 at half time, and 4-0 it remained, although Adel did rediscover their shape and dominance throughout the second half. A goal-line aerial pick by Bob Sibley was a highlight.  Damian is convinced he added a fifth but no one else seems to remember it.

The result on its own secured promotion. Celebrations began. News filtered through from Boston of the all-important clash between the 5s and Boston Spa. A great result for the former handed the 4s the title, with 4 games to spare! (And was also well received by Thirsk, who despite the score-line also deserve credit for having provided a tough challenge and motivational title race this season.)

From then on, my memory is very hazy. I know at least Beer, Prosecco, Gin, Jägermeister and interestingly, peach schnapps have something to do with that, as the 4s celebrated into the early hours.

Thank you to those who came to support us, both from within the club and outside, thank you to the 5s, whose fantastic results against both Boston Spa and Thirsk have helped us on our way, and from myself, to the rest of the squad, for bringing their ‘A’ game.

MOTM – Myself, for the unfortunate task of co-ordinating this bunch of motley renegades. DOTD – Matt Brown, for his unexplainable confusion over the start time.

(Apologies for the delay. Most of the ensuing week was written off.)

The 4s now remain focused on achieving an unbeaten season, and the attention turned to this past weekend’s game, away to Bradford.

With a more manageable squad size of 13, Adel managed to play some attractive passing Hockey in a 7-2 victory. Four of the goals came from Damian Greig, two for Joe Morris, and a lovely top corner finish for Ross Nichols, who opened up his league account for the season. Bradford played a youthful side alongside some very strong ball carriers in the middle who pulled a couple back. It could have been more on both sides, if it weren’t for some good saves by Sholto Rowe, and some less than clinical Adel finishing.

A mention goes to Kiran Prem who had a debut goal caulked off, and was ultimately rewarded with DOTD (I suspect simply because he is in my fantasy team.) MOTM was a tie between Nic Crocker and Damian Greig.

The 4s were then rewarded for their movie night enthusiasm with a chance to meet Gary Barlow, and watch David Haye fall from grace. An enjoyable Saturday, topped off with some excellent news for the 1s. I will leave that to their match report. Thanks to Rich Poll for organizing the gig. (I have nothing witty to add and am still mardy about getting DOTD votes for winning MOTM the previous week.)

Adel Mens 4s travel to Harrogate

Unfortunately I have ran out of witticisms this week. Instead, here is one from the archive: Brayshaw, who incidentally has neglected to include in his match report the fact that he was resoundingly voted DotD, enjoying himself at the Christmas party.

It was a cold and rainy trip to a pitch that was impossible to find over in Harrogate with Damian driving round a kids playground to try find it. The game kicked off and the 4s started the game strong as they always do playing very attacking Hockey stunning Harrogate right from the push back. After ten minutes and still no goal finally the dead lock is broken from a greig strike from the top of the d. Once again straight onto the attack again straight after the goal which was then followed by Morris putting in a beautiful a square ball across the D to brayshaw with it being harder for brayshaw to miss than score in a open net so guess what follows……. Brayshaw hits the post something nobody else managed to do in the game. Substitute were made pretty quick as Sam couldnt keep a little kid in his pocket as followed by the end of the half. The 1st half finished 1-0. The second half began as Harrogate came out desperately wanting a goal but once again the mighty 4s managed to keep them out 4s attacking with force again. A great through ball from damian to brayshaw who was waiting at the top of the d who calmly despite the pressure rolled it past the keeper. (edit: four touches in total from  S Ellis in the defensive D, first touch long ball to Greig, first touch long ball to Brayshaw then hitting the backboard! Counter-attacking at its best!) Not long after the goal Morris somehow managed to bust his eye open by hitting the ball into his own face (idiot) this then resulted in a fine for bleeding on his new shirt.  The game drew to a close and the match finished 2-0 and the 4s stay mighty. Can’t forget whytock is still missing due to following a stray car to the middle of nowhere instead of the clubhouse.

A day of wins and antics.

Match report by M. Brayshaw.

Adel Mens 4’s versus Boston Spa

The sun was out, the scene was set, pitch drying from the night before,

Boston spa appeared, no subs in tow, ready to face phwoars.

Alex, pictured here talking in Sheffield about a recent fishing trip, graced us with his presence just in time for push back.

Greig smashed 2 in early on, one with particular style.

Inbetween which a faux pas from Ellis which made the crowd smile.

A pavonine goal from Whytock wooed the even more so, and their smiles grew a mile.

The ball briefly entered Adel’s defence, until Nic drove it away,

(a quick mention here that no short corners were given today!)

Macaleer knew what he was doing as he herded the ball in every which direction,

finding every gap in Boston’s offence.

At some point in all the madness captain Ellis scored a blinder.

And Brayshaw got one too following his lead, to remind us he is a goal finder!.


Now facing the sun,

Smith ready to run,

Someone woke milesy up to swap halfs

Robert Burns reportedly stayed in Boston Spa en route to Edinburgh via York, following a dental appointment in London, 1795. Burns was a renowned poet and wordsmith. The 4’s reporter this week is sadly neither of those things despite a valiant effort.

Swapping thoughts, pride and water, on the goal border,

broke down any lingering babalaas

Great communication kept the 4s D well defended as Boston mounted a beefy attack.

By bringing down Hockin, hurting Brayshaw’s poorly ankle and most significantly breaking Phelps’s knee, Taylor was left lost in katzenjammer yelling to the gods for clarity.

To finish off the game, with little time to spare, Adel were granted a last sparkle of charity…

Grindy and Palenski strang several slick passes, through Boston’s badasses,

to Hockin who managed to hit the ball on target (for once) to a well placed goal hanging Greig who slipped the ball into the dark recesses of the net for a nice round 6 to compliment the defence’s clean sheet.


MOTM: Craig Smith, with credit to Joe Morris. DOTD: Alex Hockin. MATCH REPORT: Alex Hockin. (EDIT: I feel obliged to point out that the score was in fact 5-0, not 6-0, and that unfortunately Brayshaw was not on the scoresheet. Next time bud.)

Adel 1s vs Ben Rhydding 2s

On a cold, wet and windy day Big Ben’s men arrived at Adel’s oldest rivals not only to play for 3 points but club pride.


Although the opposition are sitting near the foot of the table, Adel knew it would be full of well drilled and technically sound players. With this in mind the team talk focused on being well drilled and getting an early goal.


The game started as expected with Ben Rhydding passing confidently around the back but not making any headway through the well organised press. One attempted pass to the forward line was picked up by Chris on the half way which he duly slapped towards Jimmy who neatly left it to fall to Phil at the top of the D, one touch bang bottom corner 1-0 Adel. Further chances fell to the forward line with the oppositions keeper notably making a great save off the line when a goal seemed certain. The second goal came from a brilliantly taken PC – Bish using his disguised slap hit to powerfully find the back board 2-0.


Half time talk was about pushing the press higher at every chance and catching them on mistakes as they had to come out and take chances.


The pressure started to pay as a neatly worked short corner was passed around the defenders and keepers leaving Kieran with an easy tap in to make it 3-0. With Ben Rhydding maintaining their tactics playing good hockey out from the back, Miles made a quick move to catch out a defender, step into the D and finish calmly from the top –  4-0. The final 10 mins became a little more open and Ben Rhydding arguably had their most attacking phase of the game. When through on goal they found a man mountain making some worldy saves that maintain the clean sheet and a solid performance all round. Phil also fell over once or twice due to the wet pitch. Thanks to the supporters who came down in the wet!


Adel now move on to next week with a double header at home Hull Uni and then Leeds on Sunday.


MOTM – Rob some unreal saves at the end of the game

DOTD – Phil falling over


Match report by Phil Bayford

Match Report: Adel Mens 4’s Vs. Ben Rhydding

The mighty phwoars were in action against a Ben rhydding team that proved tough competition in the reverse fixture, where they conceded the most all season in a hard fought 6-3 win.

In a delayed start to the days final fixture it was the visitors who started brightly and the phwoars were thankful that milesy was eager to redeem himself. The veteran keeper has been in real thuggish form of late. Not content with a card Last Sunday he attempted to sabotage defensive stalwart Grindrod by smacking him in the head with a ball in the customary phwoars warm up. Even more shame should be put at his door as rather than enquire about his team mate’s well being he seemed more interested in laughing and passing the blame.

Never the less he made some fine stops.

Unsurprisingly adels rock in midfield showed real toughness and did not let the blow adversely impact his performance by breaking down plenty of opposition attacks.

Ben Rhydding is adjacent to Ilkley, whose residents pride themselves on their Victorian arcades and Leeds postcodes.

Adel came more and more into the game and the scoring was started by a familiar combination of Ellis (the better one) as assister and Beale the defender to neatly deflect home a powerfully driven ball into the d.

Missing the influential Matthew Brayshaw the second came from a more unlikely route with Stefan fresh from missing a couple of far easier chances able to fire home first time from the top of the d. A great strike.

On the note of Brayshaw’s absence he would have missed a fine lesson on clinical finishing from the phwoars had he not gone back inside the warm clubhouse to watch Leeds lose. At least your girlfriend is loyal to the phwoars cause.

The attacks continued from the phwoars front line and Damian notched the third shortly before half time with a powerful run through the middle and a reverse slap into the corner.

3-0 half time you would think surly Sam would be happy. He was almost.

The second half was pretty much stalemate the highlight probably Damian graciously taking his green card.
Stefan, Ross and Beale all came close to adding to the score line. Luke put the defensive cannon to good use and Craig, bob and Hockin had more to do than normal and I think enjoyed this as it got bloody cold.

A good solid win from the phwoars who are still to concede in 2017.

Up next a long trip away to the 5s.

Dod Brayshaw (chairmen Sam intervened) and gave it to milesy for his attack on Andy. Man of the match shared between Grindy and milesy. I suppose he wasn’t all bad.


Match Report by Tom Beale. Comments & photos by El Capitan

Men’s 1s match report vs. Halifax

The Men’s first team arrived at fortress Adel on a gloomy wet day, with calls the night before of ‘It’ll be far to cold for hockey’ – Andy Bird (2017). Later it was revealed he had a date with an American man at the Etihad. So, with the guaranteed cards of Jimmy, Watto and Purdy unavailable, we looked to the return of the great Jim Heslip and a rare, if not brief, showing from coach Ben. With some re-shuffling we managed to cobble together some sort of front line (and what a front line it turned out to be).


The game started well for Adel creating chances and building pressure, however, it went downhill quickly from there. 0-1 Halifax… 0-2 Halifax, from a couple of breakaways. Fears of previous seasons slip ups came to mind, however, some brilliance from Andy Bird with a textbook rollout (Ben Hendley eat your heart out) firing home into the bottom corner and then some brilliant work from Heslip provided Miles with a trade mark tap in, 2-2. Half time was approaching; with plenty of chances for Adel to seize the initiative they could have easily gone in at half time a couple of goals up, somehow Halifax managed to clear their ball from their own baseline on the reverse to their forward close to our D. Despite our best efforts to hack him down he managed to scrap a short, which they duly converted in equally scrappy style. 3-2 HT.


Coach Ben’s team talk comprised mainly of ‘lets sort this press out’ and ‘be wary of the counter attack’. But despite being able to fix this, Adel managed to dominate most of the second half. Quick goals from Heslip x2 and Hemming meant Adel went 5-3 up. Positively dominating proceedings. The next 15 minutes were end to end, saw another scrappy Halifax goal, 5-4, then another goal for Heslip, rounding off a superb hat-trick made the score 6-4. Despite a number of superb saves from Rob Daring, Halifax sneaked a further goal making it squeaky bum time (quite literally), for Adel, 6-5. Good game management meant the next 10 minutes were managed superbly by the hosts, holding the ball up well, wasting plenty of time and still creating a plethora of chances, these were however, not taken. Until ‘back-post’ Miles managed to steal a further goal from a well worked (dysfunctional short), a classic deflection. This gave Adel a comfortable last 5 minutes to manage. A nice easy victory, no further issues, nothing to worry about, nothing went wrong… Adel finished the game with 10 men; something about a stick up the back passage and a lack of dinner and drink meant Miles was sent to the bench (where he usually starts), for the remaining 90 seconds.


A Superb victory for a weakened Men’s 1s team, arguably the best victory of the season. They strive for a push for promotion in order to play some decent hockey in subsequent seasons. Many thanks for the contribution of Jim Heslip returning to the team. Roll on Ben Rhydding next week, hopefully a more comfortable fixture for Big Ben’s Men.


MOM-Jim Heslip


DOD-Miles Buller (not for hockey reasons)


Goals – Jim Heslip x3, Miles Buller x2, Nathan Hemming and Andy Bird


Match report by Miles Buller