T’was a spicy affair

T’was a spicy affair, not too hot to handle, just the right amount of spice to be thoroughly enjoyed by the 2s. Claims of “that hit the spot” and “just what we needed” were heard. Indeed it was, and for the few old pros in the 2s there was a certain delicacy to be enjoyed if you know how to sift through the layers and pick up each individual nuance. In relative terms some claimed it would be about a 12a, for some a 15 and for others a pg but enough about shams curry we had post match, on to the real competitive action. After a tense and nervous affair that could have gone any which way it came down to a ‘donut off’ between Rich, Crocker, Tim and Phil, slowest to finish a donut would lose to be dick of the day, Crocker rammed it all in and then tried to deal with it which proved unwise, Tim went at it like a man and Rich a gentleman but Phil hit turbo and gave the desired mouth open, all gone, “aren’t i good mum” to finish first ,after much hilarity and suspense Rich lost and was the DoD!

On to the game, still smarting after last week’s underwhelming performance and determined to right wrongs we lined up, back to everyone’s favourite set up, 3-2-3-2 but with the skippers brutal benching of Jackson for Tom “what Tom from the 3s? SERIOUSLY?” Beale keeping everyone focused and on their toes.

It paid off and we smashed ’em 9-0, we played some great hockey, absolutely grafted for each other, bigged each other up, missed possibly more than we scored – the away keeper played pretty well and we were tighter than a mouse’s chuff at the back. It all seems a bit distant if I’m honest as we probably only spent a maximum of 10% of the game in our half thanks to Tom, Wadey, Crocker and Kieran, screened admirably by sham and rich (1), suffocating their forward attempts allowing Miles (4) Phil (2) captain Holford (0 goals but MOM much to the consternation of a free scoring FOURward who’ll remain nameless), Tim (1 from right wing no less) Sam (1) and Beale to run riot, the oppo weren’t brilliant but we worked as a unit to totally nullify them and then really make use of the ball in a complete 180 to last weeks showing pleasing all of us

Stand out moments

– our 3rd goal, long angled v pass from left back into midfield onto Jackson who performed the J-run of J-runs on the left from the halfway line right round the back to set up a fairly simple slot home -champagne hockey that’s worthy of a £290 wand

– use of 3-2-3-2 I know it seems anathema to a keeper and we maybe can’t deploy it every week but I love it, the least defenders we can get away with and attack attack attack

– Miles going full length at the back post to try get his 5th goal off a Wadey rocket ball with not long to go left on the clock , love the commitment

– negligible warm up gripes this week and no injuries, has the balance between age, fitness, ability and general level of being arsed finally been struck?

– a clean sheet, is the ADU (you know who you are) albeit a new possibly improved version, back in business? I only had 1 save and a kick away so £4 match fees per touch seems steep but it costs in more ways than one to be part of the legendary ADU apparently. Some one said something about a tattoo next week??

– Holfords man of the match performance – not on the score sheet this time round but a proper captains performance, sttrrummmrrr you have a big job to follow when Tesco next let you out

– Beale not falling over, he does it quite a bit

– Partner getting DoD despite bossing the midfield and scoring because he couldn’t eat a donut faster than 3 men twice his size

– Wadeys one handed reverse smash clearance sweeping the pads which I think set up a goal – tekkers!

– the continuation of Toms post marriage form, thank s Mary, we don’t know who gave Tom this new found ability as a wedding present but please thank them on behalf of the 2s he’s been immense

– the return of Herbert the iceman

– shams curry, awesome thanks mate

There were some low lights such as chances missed, Tom’s AWOL trainer? Sham’s pinpoint pass to the umpire, we attempted no D to D aerials, we lacked an angry southerner and a gammy handed hobo with a £5k fox, Jackson’s brutal blow by blow recounting of stories from his week of midwifery, look in his eyes, it has genuinely changed him, right through to Phil’s reverse shot from the top of the D ,when he had acres and acres to turn, get it strong, tee it up, check for wind interference, tie his shoe etc and which only just clipped the top of the fence- that really high bit too!

But all in all we won 9-0, Palace beat Chelsea (that’s £5 in the fines pot please Phil!) We had a good banter, good food, tolerable company and go to bed with that smell of victory curry in our nostrils happy in the knowledge we are learning last weeks lesson but with a steely determination to be better again next week away at Halifax.

p.s I found Tom’s shoe the following day exactly how it is in the picture above.

Adel Mens 4s Vs Driffield 3s

Match Report by Ross Nichols

A bright and sunny Sunday morning at the Adel fortress was our mid-October treat as 3s and 4s had the first bout of their respective cups. The weather is courtesy of the storm that will apparently bring about the end of time but we take what we can get. There were multiple players (and supporters interestingly) feeling less than 100% as the previous night at the Adel club quickly escalated. We think introducing the club to Skittle bombs was a mistake…

A few rough heads were scattered throughout the squad but optimism was as high as ever for the Mighty Phwoars as the game begun at exactly just after 3pm. New member Iain Mitchell was making his debut for us as a striker while the returning Matt Brown took up a defensive midfield role. The game started fairly slowly as the 4s advanced up the pitch as a whole squad while the younger wingers for Driffield preferred playing on the counter attack. Eventually our organised attacks paid off when Damian Greig slotted home the first goal of the day at around the 15 minute mark.

This proved a bit of turning point as we started to camp more and more in their half and eventually Stefan slotted home the nicest goal we’ve seen all season. A ball slipped through the defence which was lifted, then half volleyed straight into the net past the advancing keeper.

After this Driffield pushed back through our tiring midfield (Tom Beale noticeably more than the rest but this was his 4th game of the weekend) and spent an awful long time sitting 5 players in our left corner. This unusual tactic worked well however as we struggled for ten minutes to move the ball forward more than a few feet and eventually they managed to get a goal back. 2-1, game on.

Not content with scoring his first screamer of a goal, Stefan once again found some room in opponents D and scored again from what would normally accrue a fine for the ridiculous angle. Getting the two goal lead just before the half ended was a big relief and gave us some breathing room as we knew Driffield were going to come out strong.

When the game restarted it was once again Driffield, as predicted, piling the pressure on in our left corner. Some excellent stops from our defensive line Greg, Luke, Ben, and Tom, kept our 2 goal cushion intact while Andy Miles made some cracking saves to keep their crosses from ever becoming a real threat. Multiple short corners came and went with the pace of Matt Brown closing down their strikers so fast they barely had time to receive the injection let alone get a shot away.

After this it was Adel once again on the front foot, pushing down the right hand side with some excellent through balls from Luke “cannon” Taylor. Our 4th goal came courtesy of Matthew Brayshaw who celebrated like he’d won us the league title. 10 minutes to go and Sam Ellis who missed a plethora of chances the day before, took a lovely flick in the D to the far post to take the score line to 5-1. That said, it doesn’t quite make up for the jug avoidance in Sheffield.

Our MotM and DotD was decided by Sam Ellis since no one else voted. MotM given to Stefan for his cracking goals and DotD to Brayshaw for refusing to play for the 3s in their match despite several knackered phwoarth team players putting a shift in. Mentions to Damian for telling Beale to put some intensity in despite playing 4 games in two days and Matt Brown for a very successful return to 4s.

Next week sees us at home to Chapeltown 3s, playing after the Men’s 1s who are also having a very strong start to the season. Also the second round of our cup is the day after on Sunday and a win in that fixture would see us in the final next April! As ever, onwards to the next game.

Adel Phwoars vs Wakefield 7s

An overcast morning at the Adel fortress seemed to suit the mood from Sam Ellis after he enjoyed one too many beverages the night before. After watching the Men’s 1s beat Lindum 10-0 we decided to head down to Wakefield with all the intentions of showing them what a real score line looks like… It didn’t quite turn out as hoped.

Despite being the home team for this game, it was the 4th team on the M1 once again. The fixture had been rearranged as the Adel fortress was booked up. You can take the team out of Adel, but you can’t take Adel out of the team.

The game started off with their midfield, who must have had an IV drip of pop rocks before the match, using their pace to try and break us down in the middle. As ever the defensive duo of Andy Grindrod and Bob Sibley, with Luke Taylor stepping up to in the absence of Nic Crocker, didn’t allow them to get many chances. That said, something clearly went wrong as they were 1 goal up in 15 minutes.

Adel then turned the gear up and we pushed back to their end of the pitch making several chances for ourselves. Eventually our grit paid off when, Damian managed to bewilder the opposition with a completely intentional topped shot that managed to bobble over several sticks and past the keeper to level the goal line. We could almost feel Paul shed a tear of joy over our well worked, textbook goal.

The game restarted with box to box action as Damian Greig, Sam “unloved” Ellis, Joe Phelps, and Ross Nichols battled with their pacey midfielders up and down the pitch. Despite receiving constant jeers from their supporters and someone who looked like he should be in primary school, we managed to reward ourselves with another goal. Placement over power was what worked in the end despite Damian winding up a shot that looked like he was practicing for a Happy Gilmore remake. Halftime came about with Adel 2-1 up.

The second half started with more box to box action and our midfield once again getting a work out that would put Sam Jackson’s warm ups to shame. Several chances came and went with some absolutely cracking efforts from youngster Charlie Sutton going, as ever, for the ambitious reverse and some blinding shots into the top corner only to be saved by a Salmon diving Wakefield keeper.

The final ten minutes of the game were nervous as we only had a one goal lead and knowing one mistake would be punished by this Wakefield squad. In our desperate time, up stepped the centre back, Luke Taylor and his infamous cannon (Christened by Harry “much loved” Ellis). After a slap into the D from Damian Greig, in comes the thundering reverse cannon from Luke to lift the ball through the wide open legs of the keeper for it to land on the exciting side of the white line in the goal.

With a 3-1 lead we could almost relax. Apparently some of our members took this a little too seriously as with only a couple of minutes to go, the score suddenly became 3-2. Fortunately our resolve held and with the final whistle securing us a further 3 points and extending our continued unbeaten streak to 22 games.

A lovely Mexican tea was put on by Wakefield while fines were collected. MotM was a close call between Luke Taylor for finally unleashing his cannon but he was pipped by one vote and our other junior Ben Carlin took the medals for managing more tackles in one match than N’Golo Kante. DotD ended up being given to Luke despite his best efforts. A close call for Ross Nichols who received several votes for shouting at the aforementioned primary school child.

Next game is yet another trip down the M1 to Sheffield where we take on the Hallam 8s.


Adel 1’s vs Lindum

Adel 1’s vs Lindum Match report

After starting the season with arguably two of the most difficult away games of the season at Huddersfield and Hull and coming away with battling wins, the Men’s first team took to the Church Lane turf for their third game, entertaining Lindum second team.

The first team squad continued to be troubled with availability issues due to poorly planned holidays. This weeks absentees Watto, Harris, Sim, Tino and Gaz, just showing the strength and depth of this years squad. Phil Bayford got his chance following a strong start in the 2’s – rumour has it he paid Ben and Nathan as he was too scared to take on Ramgaria!

12 of Adels finest began the game with Simon Ball rushing up after doing a morning clinic in Sheffield making it 13 for the match. During the drive Bally had aspirations of turning up with the team struggling and stepping onto the pitch to save the day…

Making good time on the drive, he ran up tearing his shirt off like Superman with his Adel top underneath…He had just missed the first 12 minutes – The boys already 3-0 up – his dream shattered as he mumbled “well played boys”! 1 goal for Purdy, 1 for captain Hemming (a classic off drive that was more suited Headingley than the hockey pitch) and 1 for the Phil “backpost bandit” Bayford. The link up play from Moorhouse tearing the Lindum defence to pieces and he duly put another on a plate for Bayford who celebrated in his usual subdued fashion whipping out his pom poms hidden in his socks and jumping around like an over excited cheerleader. 4-0.

Adel spent the rest of the half camped in the Lindum half creating chance after chance however by this time Bally had made it onto the pitch and the previously clinical Adel turned somewhat wasteful. A short corner converted by Purdy made it 5-0 at half time.

Back down to 12 men for the second half (by now Paul “Club Captain, leader, coach, team player, no hair” Lewis had decided that his day was done and he would rather go and head to Manchester for the rugby final than see the game through) – we gathered in the goal to hoping for some wise words from Coach Hendley…none came, so out we went for the second half.

Adel continued to dominate with excellent press and pressure all across the pitch and when the ball did get through Green and Bird tidied up with aplomb – 5 minutes into the second half Birdy bent down to tie his shoe lace and felt a pop in the back of his leg – his hammy had gone, back to 11 with Paul “ronny the rhino” Lewis well and truly in the distance.

Despite the injury forcing a change in formation Adel continued to create chances. The forward line of Purdy, Moorhouse and Bayford worked well and combined to find the latter in the centre of the ‘D’ with a sharp turn and reverse stick finish into the corner – Hatrick – cue the Eric Cantona god celebration.

Moorhouse then turned from provider to scorer with a bobbled back stick reverse hit. Further good work from Purdy down the baseline and a terrible pull back somehow led to a stroke and whilst the players all looked for guidance from the Coach, Moorhouse had snaffled the ball was sat cross legged on the penalty spot refusing to budge unless he took it…a trick he has seen work time and time again for name sake – Greg at Wakefield.

Mayhew added his first of the season from a well worked short corner and the Bayford rounded off the scoring from another corner with a deflection from a Mayhew cross, he finished off his celebrations with the Klinsmann. 10-0.

A convincing performance however by no means perfect – increasing availability will begin to prove a headache for Coach and Captain.

Next weeks game is away to Boston Spa which sees former Spartans, Ball and Harris take on their former club in what is sure to be a feisty affair especially after Harris’s deadline day move and Spa not being able to find a replacement.

MOM – Phil “four goal” Bayford

DOD – Simon “should have stayed in Sheffield” Ball

Sheepscar’s most dangerous vs. Adel Men’s useless team

Despite captain Holford’s pregame rally cry for war on whatsapp, the Men’s 2nd team turned up in nothing other than lacklustre fashion. The day started off with some pre-match tactics in the changing room, focusing on keeping our game simple and passing the ball around the ageing population of Ramgharia.

The usual warm-up from Sam drew moans and despair from the travelling team, leaving some of the ‘less fit’ of the team struggling for air – I do agree Sam; it would be positive for the 2s to work on their fitness.

The game started with nothing short of absolutely no energy from both teams. Within 3 minutes we lost the wise legs of Giles Primmer to a gruesome hamstring injury. To then lose ‘Strommer’ 2 minutes later, to the weakest of yellow cards was a less than ideal start.

Some distinctly average hockey from both sides and some very slow play from Ramgharia led to possibly the dullest first half I have ever partaken in. Safe to say the idea of playing ‘simple hockey’ had not yet sunk in. The highlight being their 60-year-old ‘winger’ managing to keep the ball in our corner for upwards of 5 minutes.

The second half thankfully brought a slightly more open game, allowing our midfield and forwards chance to carry the ball into the opposition half with ease, but that’s about as far as it got.

The best outlet for the opposition was some frankly embarrassing frying pan aerial/squarial attempts. These aerials soon became lifted hits, thankfully nobody was hurt, as the bloke sending them had absolutely no clue where anything was going. It took till about 20 minutes to go for the simple hockey to kick in and some surprisingly good but simple work from Jackson fed ‘Strommer’ through, who drew a defender and gave a pass across goal for Miles to guide the ball into the bottom corner. 0-1 to Adel.

Frankly from this point on it was downhill. New arrival Luke managed to get himself a 2-minute rest in the sin bin for lifting his stick too high, whilst the rest of the traveling side lacked any basic skills or intelligence, making numerous simple mistakes and failing to play simple 5 metre passes. Safe to say it was a far from enjoyable experience.

Ramgharia managed to score a goal, with special thanks to our back line for playing their forward in with a through ball.

The opposition was then awarded a pretty average flick for obstruction; with 3 minutes to go we could do nothing to change the outcome. Safe to say 2-1 Ramgharia was probably a fair score, given the abysmal lack of ability portrayed by the travelling Men’s 2nd team.

In conclusion, things to work on:

  1. If everyone could get to training and work on passing the ball 5 metres that would be grand.
  2. Get Giles a new hamstring.
  3. Using the 3 acres of space on the left hand side of the pitch may have been beneficial.
  4. Boag needs to stop avoiding hockey just because he owns a fox.
  5. Stroomer (a.k.a Strommer) – don’t miss the fines pot with a fiver. Speechless.
  6. Don’t rely on Sam for a tap in.
  7. Below are Sam’s SMART targets for adapting his warm up regimen.
  8. Everyone be better – cos that was poor.

Warm-up – Sam got no eyes Jackson

I have received several pieces of feedback regarding the warm ups I lead for the Men’s 2s. Here is a brief overview of the comments I have received and how I plan to implement or ignore them going forward.

Some of the comments I have received are too graphic for a family club, but it basically comes down to this:

  1. The warm ups are too long
  2. The warm ups are too short
  3. The warm ups do not start with stretching
  4. The warm ups start with too much running

(Specific) – Decrease the amount of running in the pre-game warm up by 2 minutes.

M (Measurable) – Reduce the amount from 7 minutes to 5.

A (Achievable) – I am confident that I can tell the time.

R (Realistic) – I believe the team can run for 5 minutes without dying.

T (Time-bound) – Next warm up routine.

Thank you to Miles for the opportunity to write a section of this match report*.

*Disclaimer – This is not part of the match report, you will still get  £1 fine next week for not having written a match report*.


It’s that time of year again when the Famous Fives load up the car with hockey sticks and sandwiches and a picnic blanket. And head off for an adventure to exciting places like, er, Huddersfield, accompanied by Sniffer, the Welsh border cross.

There was much fun to be had along the way, with 80,000 rugby league fans also heading west on the M62 at exactly the same time.  Oh how we laughed, at three miles an hour.  And naughty Tom Poll had drunk all the ginger beer the night before, so he looked a bit squiffy.

Once the action started it was a joy to watch the young whippersnappers making shapes all over the pitch, passing the ball beautifully and drawing admiring comments from the opposition fans.  Joe Greer pulling the strings in the centre of the pitch, and some very strong performances from newish guy Tom H. who played every position in the midfield diamond, and Max who ran tirelessly.  Congratulations to Tom Alldred who had a fantastic senior team debut, was a goal threat throughout, and made lots of runs for his teammates.   But on this occasion it was a familiar double act who got the goals.  First, Matty Snow, with a clinical finish for his second in two games – by the end of the season some defenders in our league will be having nightmares about marking Matty.  And another goal for Finlay Holden, this time a classy flick into the net, with the ball bobbling around and no one getting a decent stick on it.

So far so good, but this wouldn’t be a proper adventure without a bit of mystery, which was provided by the sinister pink lady, who gave about 27 short corners against the Adel defence, some of which were right.   The pressure told and in the second half a much-improved Huddersfield side worked some nice passes to score a deserved goal.   The game was set up for an exciting, end-to-end finish but Adel couldn’t clear their lines and relied heavily on Mikey in goal to keep out the barrage of shots with his feet, legs, hands (and some of David Maj’s spare body parts).   The back line, including a sub, had a combined age of 403, but despite this wealth of experience, they seemed determined to give the ball to a purple shirt.  Eventually Huddersfield got one of their short corners right and made it 2-2 with about a minute left on the clock.

Game over you would think, but there was still time for the pink lady to pull one more scary surprise with an after-the-final-whistle short corner, from which two defenders were simultaneously sent to the halfway line for “breaking early”.  You couldn’t make this stuff up, that’s what really happened.  Thankfully the wicked Dragons fluffed it, and the game ended in a draw which was probably a fair result on the balance of play.

MoM is impossible to choose: probably a three way tie between Matty for his relentless workrate, Joe who constantly built the attacks, and Finlay who defended from the front, tackling outside his own D and marauding up the wing.  By comparison DoD is easy, it’s the entire Adel back line including wise old heads like Holden, Skully, Maj and Akroyd T., who really should know better.  They will all be on detention with no milk or biscuits, at least until next week’s adventure.

Ladies 1’s v Newcastle

1 down, 21 games to go! Encouraged by last week’s loss and with a squad of 12, the Ladies 1’s returned to Fortress Adel for the first home game of the season. This week’s opponents, Newcastle University 1st Team.

Warm ups completed, Newcastle provided a very questionable pop culture soundtrack. Adel a colour clash on the fluorescent spectrum, Orange, Pink and Yellow

Adel dominated the first portion of the game, quelling attacks and disrupting the momentum of Newcastle. The wingers of Baker, Smith and Wood pressing as high as possible forcing the Newcastle defence further and further in their own half. Midfield of Blyth, Gwen, Richardson and Hesselwood plugging the gaps and pouncing on the oppositions wayward defensive passes. Adel advanced and advanced penetrating the Newcastle numerous times, Wood unable to round the keeper on the first attempt, more chances, and more near misses.

The breakthrough came mid first half, unfortunately at the wrong end. The defensive line of Gibson, Henry, Taylor and Blyth unable to sustain the carbon fibre wall anymore, a shot expertly saved by Sazzle, only for the ball to pop out from under her pads to the surprise of the attacker hugging the far post. 1-0 Newcastle

Adel responded, a lovely threaded ball sent through by A Blyth set Woody up for 1 v 1 attempt number 2. Keeper dives right, Woody goes left and casually pushes the ball over the line, 1-1.

Second half, both teams attacked, both teams defended, the ball whizzing from one end of the pitch to the other. Break away after break away initiated by the midfield quartet. Adel 2-1 up with less than 10 minutes to go, a goal scored by Gwen but set up by Baker, alas not to be, umpired ruled disallowed!

The game finished 1-1, a disappointing final result, but more to build on for next week

DOD- Catherine Henry, formation and positioning not her strongest attribute

MON – Katie Wood, a Woody special on her return


Thanks to all those who came out and supported! A special mention to Henry Henry who lit up the day in his orange onesie!


By Katy Blyth

Adel 2s v Hallam 5s


It is only appropriate to open with some wise words from Sham Ahmed ‘No matter your age and experience in life, the humble training cone can still cause you problems’.

The Adel boys arrived at the fortress with some new faces in their ranks:

    • Luke Meaton – A handy right back from London who loves big fines and has a healthy interest in social drinking.
    • Chris Wade – Another fine poach from Boston Spa, greatly enhancing the Adel back line.
    • Jackson’s new stick – Grays KN1100 RRP £349.99 and to quote the website ‘the traditional Jumbow blade profile is ideal for drag flicking and 3D skills’. I think we’re all looking forward to those.
    • Boag and his fox – £10,000 worth of ‘Japanese hunting wolf’ (Boag’s words…)

Jackson led the Adel boys on one of his traditionally lengthy warm-ups, challenging the teams resolve and fitness. Highlights include jogging round the various meadows that apparently surround the pitch and some useful stretches for the neck ensuring we were match ready – good work Jackson!

The game started with Adel displaying a glittering forward line-up of Stroomer, Bayford and Miles who set about some early pressure on our guests from Hallam. This was reinforced by a midfield that beautifully combined fitness and experience with Partner, Holford & Taylor linking up well. Further pressure from Adel was applied and the deadlock was broken with a tidy drag flick from Stroomer into the bottom corner. Some solid work at the back by Wade and Crocker kept Hallam out, with Luke and Tibsy always available for the transfer, nullifying any threat Hallam possessed. Adel continued to dominate the match which presented Miles with one of his classic poaching opportunities, no mistakes made, 2-0 Adel.

Half time came around with some wise words from Captain Holford and Sham also providing some useful comments, no mention of dangerous cones tho… The second half resumed with Adel largely on top, moving the ball around quickly, playing some good hockey. This led to another goal from Bayford who deflected a nice, yet very rare, strike from Miles in to the goal, 3-0 Adel. Further shorts were won by Adel with Stroomer stepping up to score his second of the game, demonstrating his versatility by opting not to drag and instead producing a delightful scuffed shot into the bottom corner, 4-0 Adel. Hallam then decided to show a little fight in the second half resulting in the ADL (Adel Defence League) giving away their clean sheet – those boys love their fines! New boy Luke also decided to throw his stick on the floor in protest at a short corner decision, somehow staying on the field. The final gloss was added by Bayford who finished nicely at the back post from a short corner routine, 5-1 final score.

MoM – Stroomer for his 2 goal contribution and great all round attacking play.

DoD – Crocker for producing some absolute filth in the tackle resulting in a (his first ever) green card.

The Adel boys then headed to the bar for a circa £60 fines circle and Sam Jackson negotiating the best bar deal in the history of bar deals…(5 Jugs of cider black, 5 jugs of snakebite, 20 Bulmers original & 24 WKD’s). The men’s 1’s, 3’s & 4’s joined and a great night was had by all. I think the poor student was still a tad short at the end of the night, so if anyone would like to contribute to his tab, let him know.

Adel Bring the Culture to Hull

After a scrappy first win of the season, Adel men’s 1st XI took on their second road game in succession, making the long drive out to western Siberia aka European City of Culture 2017. All involved knew that an improved performance would be necessary to build on the previous week but also to put right the wrongs of last season’s result against this side.

Big Ben’s men were subject to line up changes as unavailability continued to give the Head Coach and the Solihull Xavi selection headaches. However, a twelve-strong cohort of Adel players beat the rush of the Birmingham City fans to get parked at the KCom Stadium and ready for the game.

The early arrival of the visitors didn’t equate to a fast start. Some sloppy play on the ball by the Oranje saw Hull take an early lead in the game. However, Adel slowly built into the game and, thanks in particular to a stunning save by Berry the Ginger Ninja in goal, the deficit remained as a single goal. The improvement by Adel resulted in an equaliser from last season’s top scorer Purdy, who slotted from close range.

Adel joy was unconfined before the half-time whistle. Lewis controlled a difficult ball that ballooned off the Hull keeper to the top of the ‘D’ and fed the big money signing Simon Ball. An unorthodox finish from Ball saw a goal-line scramble ensue, with Moorhouse hovering and waiting to slot home, but his touch was unrequired as the shot dribbled over the line.

This was the catalyst for a Hull implosion, and verbal indiscipline cost them a player on the stroke of half-time.

Big Ben encouraged the Adel players to continue improving, and to maintain their discipline. Following the restart the numeric advantage continued in Adel’s favour and was exploited to the maximum. Purdy bagged his second of the game, this time from a penalty corner. Even when Hull were back to 11 on the field, Adel continued to be the better side, moving the ball more efficiently and protecting their goal well.

A fourth goal was just reward as Hull again saw their numbers reduced for unnecessary ill-discipline. Deadline day signing Sam Harris notched his second goal in as many games from a lovely slick passing move, to virtually seal the win for Adel.

Following in the great line of villain left backs (think Phil Neville, Ian Harte, Cafu or John Arne Riise), there was still time for club captain Lewis to rile the home players and fans after being struck ‘quite strongly’ on the foot. It is understood that the small bruise is still quite sore, and his foot remains attached to his leg.

Hull scored a late second, but Adel comfortably closed out the game without further alarm to maintain their perfect start to the season.

This coming week sees Adel host their first home game of the season at Church Lane, and will seek to deliver a further improved performance.

As ever we’re grateful to the umpires and ultras who follow us home and away.


Men’s 5s v Rotherham 3s

In a 3-1 win against Rotherham 3s, the total age of our Men’s 5s goal scorers was 41, and there were three of them, which tells you everything you need to know. Fair play to the opposition, who also brought a mix of youth and experience up the M1, and it was an enjoyable game played in the right spirit. Big thanks to Pam and Polly for helping it flow.
Unusually we had subs – not quite sure how that happened – but our 14 man squad looked well balanced in all areas. Mikey M. made a series of crucial saves from short corners, and kept Skully, Dave Marg and Greg on their toes which was great to see. In midfield the silky skills of Joe Grier, Andy and Ball jr were complemented by robust contributions from Tom Poll and Holden senior. Up front the electric pace and tireless running of Matty Snow, Finlay Holden and Max Holley gave the Rotherham defence a torrid time, and the wizarding skills of Charlie Sutton looked a class apart. Sniffer Phillips ran from end to end – honestly – and looked back to his best until he had to retire with a niggling injury.
Snow scored early in the first half, finishing off a nicely worked move and some great work by Grier, but then we relaxed and somehow allowed Rotherham to equalise. The view on the touchline was “we could lose this” which would have been a travesty, so it was a big relief when Charlie finished off one of his mazy runs by spanking a shot across the keeper to score from the far side of the D. After that Adel kept it solid and as legs tired our superior passing and strong defending began to tell. Some legs never tire, and the juniors had one trick left up their sleeve with a nice passing combo sending the ball to the far post where Holden jr. slid in with a trademark dive to seal the win.
We didn’t really do awards as only three old lags made it to the bar afterwards , but DoD was probably Greg for getting carded in front of his family (again); MoM could have been any one of several but let’s give it to Mikey for the key saves, and not being afraid to give his defence some tough love.
First win of the season under our belts, and great to see the Adel juniors Friday night academy now making an impact right through the 5s, 4s and 3s. The future is Orange!