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M5 beaten 2-0 by Chapeltown 3s

Back, L-R: Madge, Skully, Max, Fin, Seb, Hedgie, Tony              Front, L-R: Polly, John, Matty, Mikey, Sniffer, Murf, Joe, Tom A.


Our Mens 5th team lost to a Chapeltown side for the second week in a row, yet there’s still a lot of positives to take away, despite the result.

Right from the start, Chapeltown set a press to keep us hemmed in, which had the desired effect and we struggled to get our passing game going.  Some bizarre nit-picking by the home umpire didn’t help, but – in his defence – he was also wearing an earpiece and listening to R. Poll umpiring (properly) on the other side. Imagine having that inside your head….

Skully, Madge, Murf and Tony worked tirelessly in front of Mikey to stem the tide, but two scrappy goals went in, and at half time it felt like the game was getting away from us. Then Skully retired hurt, which was not what we needed either.

Adel should therefore be proud: our development team, comprising boys in their early teens and gents in their early 70s, showed real grit and determination to come out fighting in the second half, and as the play got stretched we began to show glimpses of what we can do, with numerous personal scuffles being fought and won. Matty, Tom A, Max and Sniffer kept the ball up the pitch to relieve the pressure, and with Hedgie battling heroically alongside Joe and Fin in midfield, we managed to win several short corners. Sadly none were converted. New guy Seb had picked a tough game for his debut, but used his pace to keep working up and down the line from start to finish. We drew the second half 0-0, against a team who won their last match 10-0. This puts our result in proper perspective.

They do a nice tea at Chapeltown: you can choose between chicken curry or pie & peas. I asked about garlic pasta but apparently there’s not much call for it in these parts.  Weird.  Also they make their DoD dress up in a fancy dress costume, a bit like a hot dog, which is something we could learn from.

MoM was quite open, with lots of nominees. Joe gets second place for his silky skills and creativity, but Mikey was the winner for some excellent saves on the ground and in the air. DoD was a close run thing: “their umpire” was a leading contender, but the honour goes to Max after tripping an opponent with his stick, and using his feet to play the ball. Your hot dog costume awaits, Max.



A risky business

‘A risky business’
Mens 2nd 5 – 3 Harrogate

The cold November morning started with Boag taking a great risk by announcing, “I’ll drive today!” Unbeknownst to Captain Holford, he had kept his day job of driving Miss Daisy a secret and arrived over 10 minutes late, blaming the ‘traffic’ (at 9am on a Saturday? Really Boag? Really?), incurring fines for all four passengers in the cars. To compound the risk further, he realised that his insurance expired at 10:36am, leaving everyone stranded at Adel. Lucky for him, it was curry night, so he can nurse his beer all night and claim, “I can handle my beer!” and, “It’s a tactical chunder!”

Not happy with risking the irk of the law, Boag then decided to accompany Brazier for his pre-match ritual. Going to the clubhouse and missing the warm-up. They claimed the ritual was a sort of warm up as there was ‘some burning’ and a ‘ring of fire’. Whatever that means.

Ben wandered up to the pitch and instructed the team to change the focus of attack and take more risks.

Not happy with all the glory being taken by others, Posh-boy Miles decided to fraternise with the opposition seconds before the push back. Possibly discussing his recent day off school, spending time with Mrs. Robinson.

The game started at a frenetic pace. After some good work, Adel took the lead after a goal-mouth scramble. Stroomer shovelling it past the Harrogate keeper, after the Harrogate defence failed to sweep the keepers pads.

1-0 up, and seemingly cruising, Ben sent on Sham with instructions to ‘hold the middle’. Sham duly obliged by sending a weak pass towards Stroomer, which was intercepted by Harrogate’s baby-faced midfielder. The Harrogate player waltzed passed defenders lining up and swinging despairing sticks at him, and dispatched his shot from outside the D. Goal given much to the Adel’s disbelief.

The rest of the half ebbed and flowed, with only a couple notable moments:
• For the second game in a row, Boag managed to miss a glorious opportunity when the keeper was lying beached and still failed to score or accurately pass 3 metres to the on-rushing Holford.
• Rob Higgins also came out well to flatten the on-rushing Harrogate player, winning the ball cleanly

Half-time – scores even 1:1

Wise words from Ben at half time saw Adel start by peppering the goal in the first five minutes taking more risks but gaining no reward.

Then, from their first attack of the half, Harrogate speculatively crossed in the Adel D. Partner took no risks and dispatched it to the corner (-ish, well, more like just outside the keepers post) only to see the umpiring signalling for a short. Harrogate dispatched said corner under the diving Higgins to give them the lead for the first time.

Harrogate have rarely been behind this season and, in fact, have only lost one fixture since 7th March 2015 (which was to next week’s opponents – Acomb). Given that winning mentality, the next 25 minutes would have come as a shock. Stroomer, toiled with the Harrogate right back who will be having nightmares about that half for days to come. Harrogate tried tackling (occasionaly), bodychecks, high tackles, and eventually resorted to wildly swinging the stick in Stroomers direction to slow him down. Cards were dished out to the Harrogate players, who were now playing a risky game by giving away shorts and spending time on the bench. Two short corners dispatched and a typical Stroomer reverse-stick shot saw Adel take a 4-2 lead with Stroomer bagging them all.

“Surley he’s a first team player!” started to be uttered by the Harrogate players. Unfortunately, they hadn’t read about our first team’s current form to realise goals have not been hard to come by in Yorkshire prem. Harrogate were not about to give-up their unbeaten record and took some risks. They got their reward in the form of a goal from a scrappy short 4-3.

With time running, out Stroomer continued to hack away along the left wing, managing to cut across the Harrogate defender before playing a hospital-ball into the D for Buller to run onto. Buller made a meal out of the on-rushing keeper, executing a double front somersault with pike, and landed on his back rolling around like Lee Harvey Oswald was on the grassy-knoll – again! The Umpire duly obliged his theatrics by awarding a short corner. After all the running, Partner seemed to be suffering from dementia as he couldn’t find the ball under his feet to drag out.

The umpires timer beeped an instant before the short corner was injected. A little scramble in front of the keeper was finished off by Partner reverse scooping the ball past the defenders nose and into the back of the goal.

5-3 – a great win before the 2nd team’s curry night.

MOM: Stroomer – 4 goals
DOD: Crocker – spilling his ‘viscousy load’ all over the changing rooms before trying to share it around.

The Mighty Phwoars take Six

This weekend finally saw the start of us catching up on our backlog of league games due to endless rearrangements with an away game at Rotherham on Saturday, followed by a game at Halifax on Sunday.

John Mackintosh, original creator of Quality Street sweets in Halifax, died in 1920. The same year Great Britain won the gold medal for hockey in Antwerp, Belgium

Saturday begun with Luke and Ross arriving late in order to pick up Tom’s breakfast. He’d obviously been taking some pointers from Ben Carlin that sleep is good as he was barely out bed to arrive In time. Safe to say he took the double fine for that! With sleepy Ben arriving and everyone else going direct we could get going immediately with a 5 star Greggs breakfast. An uneventful drive down the beloved M1 got us to the pitch under the November sunshine and a minutes silence was observed by both teams and the supporters on the side line before the game got underway. With Matt Brown and Greg both getting lost we had to drop the Cannon back to keep our back line solid alongside Bob Sibbers, Nic Crocker, and Ben Carlin. We also had a new addition in the team of the young Joe Greer stepping up from the 5s which strengthened our front line even more.

The game began strong from Adel as we pressed hard from the get go and made it difficult for the Rotherham midfield and attack to find any space in our half. On the occasions they did manage to get through, Nic and Bob were on top of it straight away and cut out the threat before it caused any issues. Chances for us to score were many but we lacked that bit of crispness to find the back of the net.

The most noticeable of our chances were two short corners in quick succession where Allan played a brilliant pass on both occasions to the back post where Matt Brown made the perfect run but didn’t lower his stick enough so the ball went straight underneath him. Eventually we were rewarded as the marauding Joe Greer drove along the baseline to pass the ball past the keeper where Tom could slot the ball home to make it 1-0. Milesy was called into action shortly after where he made a great stick tackle to cut out a Rotherham player who was through on goal. The half ended with Adel leading by just the one goal, we knew Rotherham would come out strong so we needed an early goal to make things easier for us.

The second half started and everyone had clearly turned up a gear. Several passes down the right side between Joe and Greg saw us build up to the top corner of the pitch. From there the ball was received at the top of the D, a quick pass to Allan who turned and slid the ball in the near post. 1 minute in and we had our early goal to give us breathing room. The game ended with only a few more chances coming our way with all the action being played in the midfield as a back and forth battle to push up the pitch. With 3 points in the bag we jumped back up the table to be in second place, missing the top slot on goal difference alone.

MotM went to Joe Greer for a cracking debut and DotD was joint between Allan for falling over and Ross for forgetting a towel. It ended up being given to Ross though, after a quick majority vote from Sam Ellis and no one else. Post-match fines saw some good funds get added to our pot also (although not quite on the same level as the 2s).

Sunday saw everyone making the trip to the picturesque, hilltop Halifax pitch down the M62, which was a nice change of motorway. Tom however was driving from Cambridge and managed to reach the northern ends of the midlands before realising he had left all his kit behind and Ross was late as he was partaking in the Remembrance parade in Leeds. At least no one got lost this time.

We managed to get a strong squad to Halifax for this game with only a few regulars missing. Milesy, Nic, Grindy, and Craig were all absent. Fortunately Sholto was able to come to the rescue for us in goal and we managed to shuffle our team round to keep our defence solid. Joe Greer was also making his second appearance for the 4’s, with him and Iain on our flanks we had some extremely good speed to use to our advantage.

The first 15 minutes of the game are a complete mystery as I was too busy driving over eating chocolate bars, but when I arrived we were leading 2-1 after going 1-0 down, apparently. A few minutes later, Brayshaw scored a tap in after Joe Greer made a brilliant baseline run (this happened about 3 times in total but Brayshaw only converted the one chance unfortunately)

3-1 at the halftime whistle and everyone started to relax a bit too much it seems. The second half started as Halifax fought back and scored a scruffy goal past Sholto followed by a rocket into the top corner. With the goals now a 3 apiece the pressure was really on Adel to claw back after letting this game get away from them. The pressure was too much though as Halifax scored another and went 4-3 up. This didn’t look good for the phwoars as we were looking at our first league loss in 27 games…

Adel fought back strongly using our 5 midfielders to play simple passing around the opponents. After some brief arguments, all of which involved Sam Ellis interestingly, and a certain defender nearly killing Ross, we got our head back in the game and snatched a goal back. The goal completed Allan’s hat-trick and brought us back into the game at 4-4.

Tensions started to rise in the closing minutes and the home umpire had to have a word with the captains to tell everyone to cooldown so as not to spoil what had been a great game of hockey. Berry was too busy looking cool in his shades and making all the right decisions to worry about little details like that however. The final minutes closed in and we thought we were going to share the spoils but then the cannon stepped up a slotted home a goal after several minutes of sitting in their D. Everyone in the team, the Adel team that is, went wild as all we had simply had to see the last couple of minutes and we would take the 3 points.

Our resolve held and the whistle went with the score 5-4 after a rollercoaster of a game. A result like this shows that we can go down against a strong team and still find a win to keep the mighty phwoars going as we look to remain unbeaten in the league for a second season.

MotM was a fairly unanimous decision to Allan for scoring his second hat-trick of the season with lots of mentions to Joe Greer for another fantastic display. DotD went to Luke, we all forget the reason why but our team is a democracy and he’s an easy target.

A final treat was the drive home with the sun setting behind us, bit of a breeze, nice music, it all seemed a bit poetic for everyone except Tom who was in a nail biting search for a petrol station. After wasting a lot of fuel that morning he practically had to coast to the petrol station so it was a good thing the pitch was at the top of a massive hill. After lots of bottom clenching for fear of running out he managed to cough into the station and avoid a potential revised DotD.

Our next fixture is an afternoon game against Slazengers at the Adel fortress where we look to strengthen our lead in the league and keep ourselves at the top. Onwards for the mighty phwoars!

Watto Played Very Well

Last Saturday Leeds Adel Mens 1st XI took the trip to play Sheffield University Bankers. At this stage of the season the tables tend to stabilise and those on a promotion push start to pull clear as those that struggle look to make changes to style and teams that can survive the drop. As such Sheffield started very well, they were organised, looking to control the middle of the pitch and force Adel to make quick accurate passing. They then capitalised on a break to win a short corner and go up 1-0. However the quality of the Adel team was clear with many good opportunities being let down by some poor decision making in the final 3rd. As Paul and Tino started to command the left hand side and shut down the preferred route out over the top from Bankers, Adel’s pressure started to count and Sam put the ball away from the top of a short corner. Soon after, Purdy rounded the keeper and Watto got his first to make it 3-1 at half time.

Without Big Ben to have a frank discussion at half time skipper Nathan reminded us of the job to do and the focus required. This was put a bit out of balance when they scored a second short. However, with James ‘Anton Du Beke’ Moorhouse and Watto adding to Adels score leaving it 5-2 full time.

Unfortunately an opportunity to improve the team’s goal difference wasn’t taken, however a win is what counts and it continues the 100% record for the season.


There was some controversy surrounding Watto’s second goal and although it looked over the line prior to him touching the ball the records will show that he scored 2.

Words by correspondent Phil Bayford

Let’s make Adel great again!

Image result for trump image jpg orange

A message from our Club President…..


Image result for twitter logo jpg   Mens 5s lost 2-0 against Chapeltown 4s, despite dominating throughout.  Bad.  Very bad.  I have told all team captains we must strengthen our border security, with even tighter checks on people entering the D.  #BuildTheWall

Image result for twitter logo jpg   First half, one way traffic: Max, Matty, Fin, Tom A and Tom P all on fire,  you really have to come and watch these guys.  It’s like a normal 5th team, only better.   Brief cameo by Richard Beal.  Surely just a matter of time til the first goal.

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Stef running the angles, driving run into the D by ageless Hedgie, killer pass to goal machine Max, who scores.  But Special Prosecutor Poll blows his whistle for a short.   Sad.  So sad.   #fakenews

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Ramgharia.  They have NO ladies teams!!!   No-one respects women more than I do.  By the way ladies, I don’t think those new skorts are too short.

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Appointed “man of steel” Skully as my Secretary for De-fense.  Wins DoD after leaving an old codger unmarked in the D; ignores warning from Mikey about the clear & present danger.  Turns out the old codger can score with the one chance he gets in the entire game.  0-1.   Have accepted resignation of #crookedskully

Image result for twitter logo jpg   I am imposing an IMMEDIATE travel ban on Huddersfield.  And Halifax.  I don’t like going to these places.  Traffic is bad, food is rubbish, umpires are mean. #lockthemup

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Second half, we can turn this around.   Let’s make Adel great again!  Finlay now bossing the midfield, winning every tackle, superb movement, slick passing:  he wins the popular vote (just like I did) and is the people’s choice for MoM.

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Stefan switch to centre forward, Tom A making the wide runs, Matty at centre, Dave Madge guesting on the wing.  Superb defensive work by rising star Murf who tackles and tracks their best player for 70 mins.  I am knackered just watching him.

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Perhaps we’ll score one now and settle for a draw, or even steal a late winner?  Like how I won the election….   Umpteenth short corner for Adel; all the attackers have gone up for it.  And the midfielders.  And, er, Tony and the rest of the the de-fense.  Wait, what?!

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Chapeltown clear the short to halfway, where they have five men lurking, running against Murf who has been abandoned by his team mates.  He’s good but not that good.  In goal is Mikey: playing despite an injury, has done nothing wrong all day, picks the ball out of the net for a second time.  0-2.  What a total #covfefe

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Helluva game.   Chapeltown cannot believe their luck, 70 minutes penned in their own half, two chances, two goals, 2-0.  We play their 3s next week: revenge is a dish best served cold.  Just like our garlic pasta, which soon wiped the smile off their faces back in the bar…

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Meanwhile,  I am busy with world affairs.  Mr Putin, the Ben Rhydding president, says we should always let his sides win.   I said no way Boris, you are Adel’s oldest rivals.  But then he explained he still has the video from my holiday in Ilkley, so now we are going to be best friends.

Image result for twitter logo jpg   Anybody fancy golf instead next week?


Saturday was of course the 11th day of the 11th month and most teams (a team having 11 players of course) observed the 2 minutes silence in respect of all those who were lost in battle (during the wars rather than playing in Adel colours).

The first game of the day at Adel saw a 1-1 draw (the 2 digits of the number 11) with the ladies 4s taking the lead midway through the second half but a late York equaliser past stand in keeper, Hannah Fisk saw the points shared.  Adel came close on several occasions to grab a second goal but the York back line were resolute and held out for the draw.

High noon saw the table-topping ladies 2s take on Bridlington.  A competitive first half saw Adel take the lead through Tina Parsons but Bridlington playing on the counter with pacy forwards equalised having already come close earlier in the half but being denied by an outstanding stick save from young Stella in goal.  Initially Adel struggled to break through the middle of the Brid defence but eventually some passing down the flanks saw Adel get to the backline on a couple of occasions and Woody and Annabel Walker scored to see Adel 3-1 ahead at the interval.  The second half saw Adel’s squad of 15 work in their favour and they ran away with the second half eventually winning 10-1 in a game featuring 11 goals.  The goals were shared around the team but perhaps the biggest surprise were a brace of goals for Jenny Hopkins stepping up from the backline to strike home a couple of corners.  After some shuffling around of the 1s and 2s squads its good to see the 2s maintain their form and promotion challenge for the 3rd year in a row and new skipper Sophie will be keen to finish off the job started by Sandra this season and avoid any play offs at the season end.

Perhaps more pleasingly was the news coming back from the other side of the Pennines where the ladies 1s finally secured their first league victory of the season with a rousing 4-1 win over Didsbury who now take over from Adel in the bottom place in the league.  Despite nearly being left behind Rosie Baker was the star of the day with a couple of goals and the team now has some confidence for next weeks tough home game against table toppers Pendle Forest.

The Ladies 3s under new skipper Emily Harley had a narrow 3-2 win at home against Bingley but sadly the 5s could not quite ensure an unbeaten day for the ladies section as they went down 6-1 away at Slazengers.

The mens section scored 11 goals across the 4 teams who had a game on Saturday although the 3s had a free weekend due to Bradford pulling their 3rd team out the league.   The 1s continued their 100% start with a 5-2 away win at Sheff Uni Bankers but big rivals extended their lead at the top (on goal difference) with a thumping 10-1 away win at Grimsby and the showdown in a fortnights time between the top 2 promises to be a season defining game for both West Yorkshire clubs.

The 2s took on table toppers Sheffield Hallam 4s led by Mark Richards brother and in a ding dong game to please the crowd, they came out on top with a 4-3 win with Miles Buller continuing his hot streak in front of goal.  The 4s had 2 games this weekend and were victorious in both games with youngster Joe Greer stepping up from the 5s to give a man of the match display on Saturday in the 2-0 win at Rotherham and then playing a supporting role on Sunday as Alan Carvalho and Luke Taylor scored the goals in the 5-4 win over Huddersfield to maintain their top spot in the league.  Their closest challengers may well be Chapeltown who took on our 5s on Saturday and sadly the 5s could not quite ensure an unbeaten day for the mens section as they went down 2-0 but there was plenty of promise with the many youngsters making their way in senior hockey continuing to shine and learn from the guidance of the wise old owls supporting them.


Adel 2s vs Sheffield Hallam

After bringing home 3 points from a long away trip to Lincoln last week, a home fixture versus title rivals Hallam was on the menu at Adel. Crocker and Holford rang the changes after injury and returning players required a re think from last week’s team.

Hallam started brightly after their narrow defeat to Harrogate in last week’s top of the table clash.  Adel switched off and Hallam found a free player in the D (1-0).  After the resumption Adel took control of the rest of the half and were soon level as Wade’s splitting pass found Holford in space in the D.  Holford’s shot foxed the keeper who padded the ball into his own net.  Hawkeye has been requested to decide if the shot was goal bound for the dubious goals panel weekly review (1-1).

Adel now in full flow were soon 2-1 up after Buller demonstrated once again superb ability to deflect the ball. How many runs does Buller score in front of the wicket v’s nudges and nurdles behind square in the summer? More pressure saw Adel convert a short corner for 3-1 as Stroomer, on his lunch break with his meal deal, shot through the Hallam Keeper.  Boag then confused the keeper with his control, balance and skill leaving him on his back, only to make one more turn back into the turtled keeper rather than towards the goal. The Adel defense and midfield now in full control with Bishop and Stroomer running the legs off the Hallam players.

Hallam then resorted to dirty tactics employing Lee Harvey Oswald positioned on the grassy knoll to take down Partner and Taylor with single shots leaving the ‘experienced duo’ having to make saving tackles to prevent counter attacks.    With half time approaching Hallam broke from an Adel short corner and Higgins produced a leap and dive that Sir David Attenborough would have described more akin to a graceful bottlenose to keep the score at 3-1.

Keen not to let Hallam back in, Adel continued to press in the second half but a break and sharp cross saw Hallam peg the score back (3-2). The next 5 minutes saw Taylor demonstrate his 3D control skills, first with a neat chest on the goal line which saw Hallam convert the flick (3-3).  His second demonstration was a no nonsense control with the forehead and midfield burst to set up another Adel attack. With less than 10 minutes to go Adel were not settling for a draw. Bishop took one for the team and nullified the creative midfield option for Hallam and Stroomer unleashed a rocket shot that the Adel fan base, lead by Jackson and co, only saw as it glanced the angle. More pressure saw a bullet Bishop pass make its way to the back post only for it to deflect wide off Partners stick.  The deadlock was finally broken with another fine Stroomer strike which sent Jackson into raptures (4-3).

Stroomer’s Lunch time was up, but he’d forgot that he needed a card so Poll offered him a green one to take back to work along with his many nominations for MOM. Skipper Holford declared those votes null and void due to non-attendance at fines so second placed MOM Partner (for recovering from being shot) and Higgins (for his graceful diving save) were about to go to the vote when Jackson challenged head chef Higgins’ authority.

He was shot down like a Gordon Ramsey pot washer and Higgins was awarded MOM preventing Partner taking both match day awards. Brutal Fines saw a £150 pot created with this week’s fine pot switched for a table which challenged Brazier & Primmer’s weight coin passes.

#LeeHarveyOswald #Blueplannet2 #Ramsayskitchen #Tescomealdeals

To Poland and back again

As we all know, travelling to hockey matches can sometimes be a bit of pain, we in the 4s have to travel down to Sheffield on a regular basis this year which isn’t ideal when there a multiple other clubs on our doorstep. However we have all agreed that this mere 50 mile drive down to M1 is nothing to be complained about when jetsetter Iain Mitchell managed to be up at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, travel to Poland, travel back, and still arrive at Adel before anyone else. All of this with an injured foot, that according to the internet is either something deadly or a sprained ankle. Think about that next time you have an 8am meet for a trip to Scarborough…

The runway at Gdansk airport is 2,800m in length, so an aerial thrown would take over 2.5 minutes to reach the other end and have to reach nearly 10km in height. You will also need shoulders like Luke ‘Cannon’ Taylor to achieve this

A crisp, sunny Sunday afternoon held the semi-final of the League Cup C involving Adel Men’s 4s/5s taking on Boston Spa 3s/4s at the Adel fortress. Newly recruited coach Clare Hesselwood was looking to keep her 100% managerial role record intact after a 3-0 win for the 3’s the previous day. We also had the new Adel mascot in attendance in the form of Gabby’s young Labrador, Taco.

Despite the Sunday fixture most of the 4s players we in attendance but we were missing our old school keeper Andy Miles in net. Fortunately we were able to recruit Tom Poll in his stead who comfortably helped us warm up in our usual way by shelling balls at him. It served us well for a whole season, why change? Also there was some passing.


Clare had a rousing pre game tactics speech that was undermined slightly when Ross remembered he had forgotten to include Rich Bingham as he was meant to be umpiring originally. Several minutes wasted we began a fresh while we waited for Katy Blyth to arrive as a last minute favour to umpire our game.

The game got immediately underway upon her arrival with Adel showing some serious speed and ability down the flanks of the pitch with the ever rock solid combination of Bob Sibbers and Nic Crocker holding the centre of our defence. Despite applying constant pressure in the Boston half through quick simple passing and also long balls to the speedy Iain, we struggled to get past the defenders Boston had brought along and get many clear cut chances on goal. Craig Smith had possibly the best chance as keeper cleared ball directly to him, unfortunately he didn’t make the most of the opportunity as it was the first real chance we had for a shot on goal.

Boston meanwhile were relying heavily on their central midfielders to dribble down the pitch in an attempt to get a shot away as quickly as possible. Our midfield were more than match however to prevent them getting close enough to get these shots through. Eventually they changed tactics to playing long through balls that were either picked up on the baseline or just too fast for their players to pick up. This proved a bit more fruitful for them however as new signing Tom Poll was called into action on more than one occasion making multiple saves with excellent kicks from which we often immediately turned into a counterattack.

The highlight of these was a cracker of a free hit from outside the 23 by Crocker Snr to Luke Taylor, who for the first time ever, truly unleashed his cannon. He swept round and swung the ball up and hurtled it toward the back post where it nearly burnt a hole through the side netting. A goal so good everyone lost their mind for a moment and Luke looked like he had scored the last minute winner in a Champions League final. Despite the fact that this was the best goal we would see all season, Katy Blyth managed to compose herself, and then disallow the goal, much to the relief of Boston as the shot was taken from a fraction outside the D. I’m sure Luke will disagree but despite the decision the goal will go down in Adel history, a fitting Christening for his cannon.

From this Boston were back on the offensive and they managed to slide a goal into the far post past an outstretched Poll Jnr. The first half ended with Boston holding tentatively to a 1-0 lead. An excellent team talk from club captain Paul and coach Clare at half time got everyone roused up for a strong second half.

It started with Adel once again on the offense using the pace and ability of Joe Phelps on the right to drive up the pitch to where Tom B sent several balls to the back post and on target that were either saved or narrowly missed by our other strikers. Clearly tiring with relying on teammates, Tom B received the ball at the top of the D, turned, and flicked the ball into the bottom left corner past the Boston keeper to level the score line with a few minutes to go.

Our team spirit revitalised we started the last 5 minutes of the game applying heavy pressure on the Boston looking to make them make a mistake that we could capitalise on. Some excellent runs up the pitch from our midfielder Matt Brown and Greg who managed to slip away from two Boston attackers to drive forward gave some fantastic moments to watch. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough and the game ended a 1-1 draw ready to progress to penalty flicks.

The line-up for Adel was Tom B, Ross Nichols, Matty Brayshaw, Rich Bingham, and Bob Sibley. Tom B netted the first for Adel, matching Boston’s effort. Boston’s second was saved by Tom Poll to a raucous applause from Adel followed by Ross who sent a less than adequate flick to the left of the keeper which was saved meaning we were still matched at 1 each. Boston’s third effort was dispatched as was Brayshaw’s taking it to 2-2. Boston’s young boy then waltzed up and hurled his flick a good 2 feet wide of the goal followed by Bingham who took the score 3-2 to Adel. The final Boston player dispatched his goal meaning our next flick could win us the game.

Up walks Bob Sibley, with all of his years of experience we had the best man to carry us through to the final of the cup. Katy Blyth signals the all clear, he shoots to the top right and somehow a diving Boston keeper manages to tip the ball round the post.

Sudden death commences with Boston slotting their first flick away, and then Tom B once again matching it. The second for Boston is a goal and then Ross’s “flick” misses and the less said about it the better. Disappointment for Adel all round as we were in control for much more of the match and should have scored more than once in regular time.

Our next two league matches are once again this Saturday and Sunday. The former being against Rotherham away, so yet another drive down our favourite road in the UK followed by a trip to Halifax on Sunday for a rearranged fixture. Taking 6 points would see us leapfrog back to the top of the table where the mighty phwoars deserve to be.

MotM to Tom Poll for an excellent display in net. Special mentions to Luke for exceptional goal that also wasn’t, and Iain for his 2,000 thousand mile taxi ride prior to the game. DotD was a fairly unanimous vote to Ross for the terrible flicks. Many thanks to both Paul and Clare for coaching us during the game and also cooking enough pasta to feed 50 people when only 8 of us stayed behind

Vicious Adel stuff Ben Rhydding 3 – 0.

Just who are Adel’s biggest derby rival? I’ve heard many suggestions, from Leeds to Ramgharia, Harrogate to Horsforth???. But according to some of the old hands there is only one team we want to beat over any other – Ben Rhydding. Perhaps it is the small train station we are jealous of, or they our proximity to the great metropolis of Leeds.

This game was built on the premise of a club on the rise, versus a once great one that was struggling. But could we be brutal, and inflict another wound on the rich folk from the banks of the river Wharfe?

(Not my) Captain Beale decided in his great wisdom to join the 21st century and to set up a ‘Whatsapp’ group to communicate information regarding fixtures; moving on from the previous system of telegrams that plagued the groups’ availability. In fact, players were (mostly) early for the meet time with many watching the two high quality games played by the mens and ladies 1s. Thank you for playing on the undercard for the 3s vs Ben Rhydding 4s.

Warm up was brief, involved some stick skills and ended right before the game (unlike last week when Wakefield decided to delay push back for hours).

Then, the team talk and inadequate explanation of the formation. Such inadequacy meant that most people had no idea where they were playing on the pitch until Fireman Sam stepped in at half time. Even then people were unsure. It can only be described as a 3, 2 (wide), 1, 3 (narrow), 1.

The first half was a dream for all forwards, who love having the ball, as we camped in their 23. Just one goal to show for it though, as Ben Hendley accidentally scored with a pass to the back post from a short corner. Chances a plenty, but none of the brutal viciousness lusted after by the crowd of nearly 20.

Then a change in positioning as left-back junior Simon was moved from left-mid-come-wingback to centre forward. Tom Sober Gabbott advanced and caused threat after threat to the opposition goal. After a good piece of interception/ j-run/ roll out play from Jackson to thread Matt Pollard in at the top of the D, Harry (or is it Henry) Ellis somehow scored over the keeper from a ball driven in on the ground. 2-0.

Sholto, fresh from the resurgent performance on Sunday then had a few things to do, with good saves, double saves and kicks away that kept the clean sheet. He showed fantastic character to rebound after passing it to the centre forward last week against Wakefield.

Coach Fireman Sam then moved some players around in the formation that was finally settling in to see Jackson moved onto the right where he began to terrorise the Ben Rhydding defence with roll-outs and J-runs learnt at training, before showing his finishing form by slotting a neat reverse away to kill the game at 3-0.

Match teas happened, and the team had their first experience of the new chef, and garlic bread – great touch Jane!

Sholto was voted man, dick to Fozzy as players asked why he hadn’t played as well as he did all season.

Special shout outs to Gabbott who has recently come out as a forward, and Paddy Tonge for growing tremendously into the men’s shirt. Finally, to Wadey who (even though he couldn’t make it for the short trip to Lincoln) managed to get away from the children’s party to sure up the defence!

In a league where pretty much everyone is beating everyone the 3s are still in the hunt for something – just quite what that is yet is not really clear.

Lindum 3rd XI 1 – 4 Adel 2nd XI

Lindum Hockey Club was formed in the June of 2015 through the amalgamation of Lincoln Hockey Club and Lincoln Roses Hockey clubs. After a successful first season sharing purpose built facilities at the Lindum sports ground, members of both clubs saw the benefit of coming together to create a centre of excellence for hockey in Lincolnshire.

On a mild afternoon that fell someway short of the record high temperature of 34.8 °C recorded in August 1990 (for Lincoln), Adel travelled off the back of fine win the previous week. The match was already billed as “season defining” by the ever enthusiastic Holford.

The match started with a high tempo befitting the quick surface, with both sides attempting the breakdown the opposition. Some early ‘half’ chances went the way of Adel only for Lindum to take the lead against the run of play. Adel levelled when Bish slotted home a well disguised finished from a short corner. The remainder of the half was played out with both midfields cancelling each other out.

With some technical tweaks at half time, Adel started the second half in devastating fashion with Bish storming down the right to put it on a plate for the well positioned Miles within the first minute of the half. Momentum was on our side and with the Lindum left back deciding to stop even marking Bish, Adel dominated. Stroomer added a third from another well worked short corner and a fourth coming from Miles following Holford’s successful attempt at the world’s longest J run.

Other highlights included;

· Boag made a tackle

· Simon Taylor avoided a well-deserved yellow card

· Miles remembered a towel

Teas – Pizza and Chips

Google review;

Lindum Hockey Club currently have a generous rating of 4.8/5 stars, with Alex Cooper stating;

Alex Cooper’s only other review coming a year back when he gave Bakehouse94 5 stars (apparently Maxine is a cake genius). Thanks Alex!

I am happy in the knowledge this match report will save me £1 per week which I can put towards my anger management classes.


Words by Luke Meaton